Exotic Green Bay Tourist Attractions in Banyuwangi, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Many people say that Banyuwangi is a paradise for beach tourism. It is true, this is also because Banyuwangi borders the island of Bali, which, in fact, has many interesting tours there. And one of the beach tours in Banyuwangi which is currently popular and much hailed thanks to its natural exoticism is the Green Bay Banyuwangi tour.

Green Bay Tourist Attractions in Banyuwangi

Maybe you are one of the people who are interested in visiting and enjoying the exotic nature of the Green Bay Banyuwangi tour? Here we will provide complete information for you about Green Bay Banyuwangi tours. Guaranteed you will never regret it when visiting Banyuwangi Green Bay tour or often known as Green Bay.

Green Bay Tourism in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi Green Bay Tourist Attraction

If most beaches have blue color with Tosca blue gradations, then on this beach you will find the color of green sea water. This is not without reason, but because of the sunlight that penetrates into the deep ocean with the depth of the ocean full of coral reefs.

This Green Bay Beach attraction has fairly calm waves so you can freely play water on it. In addition to the charm of sea water which is superior to Green Bay tourism, the sand of Green Bay Banyuwangi is also quite soft and smooth so it easily sticks to the skin. You can feel the tenderness on your toes with bare feet.
The Green Bay area is also quite beautiful and shady. Especially if there are not too many tourists visiting here, of course you will feel a very calm and comfortable sensation in Green Bay. As if you feel you are on your private beach

Green Bay Beach also not only has this feature, because Green Bay also has rafflesia flowers which are also the center of attention in Green Bay. In addition, not far from the beach, precisely on the east side of the beach, there is a waterfall as high as 8 meters which has fresh water. So after swimming at the beach you can immediately rinse in the waterfall. Wow, basically Green Bay is a very complete tour

However, to enjoy the exotic nature in Green Bay requires hard work. And you also need to overcome some of the obstacles that come your way. Although the road access is not very feasible, there are a number of routes that you can use, one of which is via Kabat from Banyuwangi City, then proceed to the Sarongan Terminal and Market. From this market you just have to continue the journey to Rajegwesi Beach and Teluk Damai.

That’s a little information that we can give you this time about the Tourism Attractions of Green Bay Banyuwangi. Hopefully the information we provide above is useful.