Exciting Holidays at Juwana Water Fantasy in Pati, Central Java, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – During the holiday season is a time that is eagerly awaited for all of us, because during the holidays, we can take a break from all our school and work routines. To fill this holiday, you can do a variety of activities, one of which is visiting various tourist attractions, especially those that can be enjoyed by all family members. For those of you who are in Pati Regency and its surroundings, you can visit a relatively new family tourist spot in Pati, namely Juwana Water Fantasy or often abbreviated as JWF. It is said to be a new tourist spot in Pati because Juwana Water Fantasy was developed in 2010 and opened to the public in 2013. The management of Juwana Water Fatasy itself is carried out by PT. Milkfish Juwana. Juwana Water Fantasy offers various kinds of rides that are ready to be enjoyed by every visitor who comes.

Juwana Water Fantasy Tour in Pati, Central Java

Despite the name Juwana Water Fantasy but the rides provided are not only about water, but there are also many land rides provided at this tourist location.

Juwana Water Fantasy locations

To reach the Juwana Water Fantasy tourist spot is very easy because it is on the edge of the main road, JWF’s full address is Jl. Juwana – Rembang Km.8 Bumimulyo Village (Mujil) Batangan District, Pati Regency. If you cross Jalan Pati Rembang then you can see it on the south side of the road.

The rides at Juwana Water Fantasy

The Juwana Water Fantasy tourist destination offers a variety of rides which are certainly fun to be enjoyed with our family members. There are recorded about 37 rides that are there. Here are some examples of rides in Juwana Water Fantasy:
Spill Pool
Water pool
Adult Pool
Flow Pool
Water Slide
Water Rickshaw
Ghost Cave
Rotary Coaster
Children’s Playground
Mini Train
Go kart
flying fox
Bumper Car
3D cinema
Miniature Wonder of the World
Futsal field
Mini Rickshaw
Viking Kora-kora
Happy Stage
Family Karaoke
What is the description of the rides in this Juwana Water fantasy tourist attraction? you can see the following images and videos of Juwana Water Fantasy:

Entrance ticket prices for Juwana Water Fantasy

With such a complete game, how much is the entrance ticket price for Juwana Water Fantasy? To enter Juwana Water Fantasy, it turns out that you don’t need an expensive ticket, it’s really cheap. There are two types of tickets made at Juwana Water Fantasy, namely regular tickets and continuous tickets. If you use a ticket ticket, you have the right to enjoy all the rides in the Juwana Water Fantasy area, whereas if you use a regular ticket, you have to pay again to enjoy certain rides inside. Below are the ticket prices at Juwana Water Fantasy or JWF.

Monday to Friday:
Regular ticket: Rp. 25,000, –
Pass Ticket: Rp. 45,000, –

Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
Regular ticket: Rp. 30,000, –
Pass Ticket: Rp. 50,000, –
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Juwana Water Fantasy facilities

Besides there are various kinds of good game rides, at Juwana Water Fantasy there are complete public facilities for the convenience of visitors, including:
Prayer room
Park Parking
Smoking Area

That is the information we can provide about Juwana Water Fantasy, hopefully it can help those of you who want to have a fun vacation at Juwana Water Fantasy in Pati, Central Java. Hopefully this Juwana Water Fantasy tourist spot will continue to be developed into a modern tourist spot so that it will attract more tourists to come to Pati City and enjoy the other tourist attractions in Pati Regency.
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