Enjoying the Beauty of Tanjung Lesung Beach in Pandeglang Banten, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Indonesia is an archipelago country that has many beaches with panoramic beauty that cannot be doubted. Starting from beaches that are crowded with tourists to beaches that are still virgin. Tanjung Lesung Beach is one of the beaches in West Java province which is very well known in Banten and Jakarta communities. This beach has white sand and grows trees on the beach which further beautify the panorama. Visitors can enjoy it to refresh the mind.

Tanjung Lesung Beach Tourism in Pandeglang Banten

Tanjung Lesung Beach in Pandeglang Banten

Tanjung Lesung Beach in Pandeglang Banten

Location and Access to Tanjung Lesung Beach

Location Tanjung Lesung beach tourist attractions located at the western tip of Java Island and precisely located in Tanjung Jaya, entering the Panimbang sub-district, Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province.
Those of you who are from Jakarta can reach Tanjung Lesung beach by passing the Tanjung Lesung Beach route via the Tangerang Merak toll road. After that, exit through the East Serang toll gate and continue the journey towards Pandeglang City – Labuan until you reach Tanjung Lesung beach. Another route option is to take the Jakarta – Merak toll road, but take the exit via the Cilegon toll road. Then, travel along the Anyer coast to Labuan and end at Tanjung Lesung.

For visitors who want to use public transportation, you can take a bus bound for Labuan Terminal. Then, you use an ojek to go to Tanjung Lesung beach. Visitors are advised to use private vehicles when visiting this beach, so they have more time to enjoy its beauty.

The Origin of Tanjung Lesung Beach

Why is this beach called Tanjung Lesung Beach? The name of the Tanjung Lesung tourist attraction is taken from the location of the beach and the shape of the mainland beach that juts into the sea resembling the tip of a mortar. Here the mortar itself is nothing but a traditional tool for pounding rice.

What can be done at Tanjung Lesung Beach

Many tourists feel they are in this place like when they spent their time in Bali. This is because the condition of Tanjung Lesung Beach is indeed similar to the beaches in Bali with a long coastline reaching 15 km. Then, the soft white sand on this beach is very sloping, making it possible for visitors to be able to carry out various kinds of water activities.

Tanjung Lesung Beach is still natural and very clean. Visitors who want a calm and romantic atmosphere can take a walk with their partner along the coastline while enjoying the breeze and the waves.

For those of you who bring children, Tanjung Lesung Beach is perfect for family tourism. You can spend time resting with your family by laying out a mat to prepare the lunch that has been prepared from home. Then, have fun while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the sea which certainly adds to the warmth of the family. The waves on this beach are not too big, so children can enjoy swimming or playing in the sand on the beach.

Visitors who love the diversity of marine life can also dive. You will enjoy the charm of the beauty of jellyfish, coral reefs, and snails swimming in the water. In addition, various types of fish were also seen playing hide-and-seek on the sidelines of the coral reefs.

Visitors can learn how to transplant coral reefs at a conservation site located in the middle of the beach. This is of course a new and unforgettable experience. If you don’t have the courage to dive, then snorkeling is the choice. You don’t need to swim, just walk on the reef using the equipment provided to enjoy a variety of marine life up close.

This beach also offers more fun activities, such as banana boat or jet skiing. In addition, fishing is also suitable for those of you who like to test patience. Fishing activities are worth a try for visitors because this beach is home to fish.

New experiences can also be obtained by visiting Liwungan Island. You can reach this island using a fishing boat or speedboat for about 30 minutes. You can enjoy the beauty of Mount Krakatau and the towering Sunda Strait.

Visitors can also walk along the fishing village which is located not far from this tourist spot. The name is Cipanon Village which also offers unique outbound packages. Starting from fisherman cultural tours, sunrise boat trips, seagull feeding tours, coral reef conservation tours, and fun games on the island of Liwungan.

If you visit this beach right on Saturday, you can enjoy the special dishes that are served at several restaurants located on the beach. The special dish is barbeque from a variety of delicious seafood.

Tanjung Lesung Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

The price of admission to Tanjung Lesung Beach is quite cheap, only 15,000 rupiah per person.

Thus, the information about Tanjung Lesung Beach Banten tourism may be useful for all of you.
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