Dive into the beauty of Mount Kelud tourism in Kediri, East Java, the most beautiful tourist spot – Mount Kelud is one of the most active mountains in Indonesia today. We know for ourselves how many times Mount Kelut has erupted since 1000 AD. This mountain has erupted 30 times since 1000 AD. One of the eruptions of this mountain, namely in 2014, also had an impact on the surrounding environment.

Mount Kelud is located in 3 administrative areas of Kediri regency in East Java, namely on the border between Kediri Regency, Blitar Regency, and also Malang Regency, approximately 27 KM east of the city center of Kediri.

Mount KELUD Tour

Mount KELUD Tour

This mountain has a lot of amazing natural beauty, it’s no wonder that many tourists come to this place as an alternative to their family and friends’ holidays. If you want to come to Mount Kelut, then you need to know the routes to this Mount Kelud tour. You have to take the route from Kediri to the pesantren then to wates-ngancar and Sugihwaras village. Then you can only get to Mount Kelud.

The ticket price for this Mount Kelud tour is IDR 5,000 only. So, if you come on the weekend, the increase is IDR 10,000. Before arriving at Mount Kelud, we will also pass through the mysterious road MYSTERUS ROAD, because on this road there is a strange and also unique phenomenon, namely the vehicle will climb even though the vehicle is turned off, as proof you can put a mineral water bottle in a sleeping position and put a mineral water bottle position on the lowest road in the mysterious location and slowly the mineral bottles can rise by themselves.

Then we will also mention some of the tours of Mount Kelud, namely Mount Kelud. Mount Kelud is a tourist attraction in Kediri Regency. What’s interesting about Mount Kelut is the lava dome. At the top of Gajah Mungkur, a viewing post was built with a staircase made of cement.

In addition, if you come on a weekend night, the lava dome will be illuminated with colorful lights. There are also rock climbing trails at the top of the cleft, flying fox, and hot springs.

If you are satisfied enjoying the view of the lava dome of Mount Kelud, I suggest that you take the time to soak in the hot springs below. Mount Kelud is the location of this place which is on the right before entering the tunnel.

Towards mountain Kelud the preparations you need to do, namely physically, must be prime, because if you want to reach this hot spring you have to go down the stairs which are quite draining, but you don’t need to worry because when you arrive at the water source, all fatigue will pay off, because you can feel the warmth of the water that comes from the crater of Mount Kelud.