Complete Tourism The Sea Pantai Cahaya in Kendal, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Kendal is the name of a district in Central Java which is directly adjacent to the city of Semarang. Kendal Regency is also bordered by the Java Sea, so that Kendal Regency also has several beaches, some of which are used as tourist attractions. One of the beach tours in Kendal Regency is The Sea Pantai Cahaya Tour. Wisata The Sea Pantai Cahaya is a short beach. Unlike most beaches which have a long coastline, The Sea Pantai Cahaya is only a small basin. In general, the thing that is highlighted from The Sea Pantai Cahaya Tour is not the beauty of the beaches, but more because of the facilities built in the The Sea Pantai Cahaya area.

Tour of The Sea Pantai Cahaya in Kendal

Tour of The Sea Pantai Cahaya in Kendal

Tour of The Sea Pantai Cahaya in Kendal

Tourist Location The Sea Pantai Cahaya

Tour The Sea Pantai Cahaya located in Sendang Sikucing Village, Rowosari, Kendal, Central Java, Indonesia. access to this beach is also easy, because it can be reached by private car.

Facilities at The Sea Pantai Cahaya

As we have written above, The Sea Pantai Cahaya has various very attractive facilities and is ready to pamper the visitors. On the beach, several gaebos have been built which can be used to enjoy the blue sea water on this Pantai Cahaya. In addition, in the tourist area of ​​The Sea Pantai Cahaya, a swimming pool, water boom, dolphin attractions, and minizoo have also been made.

In a day at Pantai Cahaya, dolphin attractions are held four times. Namely at 09.00 WIB, 13.00 WIB, 15.00 WIB, and 16.30 WIB. Each of the shows lasts about an hour. There are four dolphins ready to show off in a pool surrounded by stands that can accommodate around 500 spectators. After the show, you can also take photos with the dolphins after paying IDR 20 thousand per person.

How much is the entrance fee for The Sea Pantai Cahaya?

Entrance ticket to this tourist attraction is IDR 15 thousand per person.

That was information about The Sea Pantai Cahaya or Sendang Sikucing Beach in Kendal Regency, Central Java. Don’t forget to read other travel info on the blog

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