Cilember Waterfall Tourism in Bogor City, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Want to get closer to nature? The method is very easy, friend, you only need to visit the Cilember waterfall tourist spot in the city of Bogor. Why? Because this cilember waterfall tourist attraction is one of the tourist attractions that offers the charm of natural scenery that is still beautiful, so that there you will find various types of lush trees that are very beautiful around the cilember waterfall tour. Not only that, my friend, you will also be spoiled by the cilember waterfall which is very beautiful. To get closer to nature in the cilember waterfall, you have to travel to the village of Jogjongan in kecamatang Cisarua, precisely in Bogor district, where this tourist attraction is about 20 kilometers from the heart of Bogor, which can take about 1.5 hours. travel. To find out more details about this tourist attraction, below will be launched cilember waterfall tour in the city of Bogor.

Cilember waterfall tourism in the beautiful city of Bogor

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The Cilember waterfall tourism object, which is the only waterfall tourist attraction at the top of the city of Bogor, actually presents coolness and also very exotic natural beauty, where the trees are still fairly beautiful and have not been touched by human hands, so the air is spelled out. very fresh, so that it can be used as a place to relieve your fatigue after every day you have been busy with your work or other activities. And what’s more interesting is that in this cilember waterfall, there are also 7 very beautiful waterfalls, equipped with rapids that reach the highest up to 40 meters. It is truly a very beautiful and amazing view that you deserve to make it a vacation destination.

Waterfall attractions that will bring you closer to nature deserve to be on your next vacation list. Hopefully, if you visit the Cilember waterfall tourist attraction in the city of Bogor, it will be the most exciting vacation.
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