Ciater Hot Spring Tour for Recreation with Family, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Hot spring tours are often a tourist spot where we will find several groups of families or groups of friends. One of the hot springs frequently visited by local tourists and even foreign tourists is the Ciater Bath. Ciater Hot Spring Tour Located in Ciater sub-district, Subang Regency, West Java. If you depart from Jakarta, there are 2 routes that can be chosen to go to Ciater, namely the peak route with a distance of 212 km and the Cikampek – Bekasi toll road with a distance of 185 km.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring, West Java

Ciater Hot Spring Tour

History of Ciater

Ciater means that gushing water was once a haunted forest area. Many people turned the area into a village with the help of Mbah Embos in the 1960s. The Subang government collaborated with Dispenda to develop hot water potential here in 1968.

Ciater Entrance Ticket Prices

The fee for entering the Ciater hot spring area is IDR 15,000, but not yet with the fee for enjoying a soak in Ciater hot water. With a price of Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 80,000, you can choose which pool will be used as a place to soak according to the price you pay. For the price, it is quite expensive, for those who just want to visit it, they don’t need to feel discouraged to come here, because the satisfaction that exists has been proven by local tourists and even foreign tourists.

Ciater Hot Spring Facilities

There are all kinds of facilities at Ciater hot springs Subang district, West Java. Ciater Spa Resort, Puspa Sari Hotel, Spa and Restaurant and Gracia Spa Resort are some of the places available here to pamper yourself while on vacation. Some children’s playgrounds, outbound, camping ground, fishing pond, and sports facilities can make you don’t have to think about coming to visit. If you want to create an event whose concept is to hang out with nature, then this place is perfect because there is a conference room with a large dining room.

Exciting Tour to Ciater Hot Springs

The water that flows from the active crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a water source that is used for bathing in Ciater and for irrigating the rice fields of local residents. The content of Ciater hot water is calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, thermo, minerals, and hypertherma and high levels of aluminum and acidity of 38.5 equiv percent and ph 2.45, with a temperature of 43-46 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, 37-42 degrees Celsius is the temperature of the water in the bathing pool. It is believed that skin diseases, rheumatism therapy, paralysis due to stroke, high blood pressure, nerve and bone disorders can be cured by soaking in Ciater Subang hot springs. By being on a land area of ​​30 hectares, you can choose a variety of bathing pools as you wish, can be a simple pool just for soaking, a large pool for visitors who want to swim, even soak in the rooms available to enjoy the warmth of Ciater water more privately. The available bungalows are an option to stay and enjoy the night in Ciater. The scenery of Ciater Subang tourism can be enjoyed not only by soaking, but you can do rafting and even rowing a boat for a more exciting atmosphere. Want to do sports in nature while on vacation? Of course you can, visitors can do tennis, mini golf, volleyball, karting and horse riding. If you feel hungry, please eat satay and rabbit soup which will inspire you even more after a long journey.

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This is information about Ciater Hot Spring Tourism for Family Recreation. Hopefully it can be a reference for those of you who are planning an exciting vacation with your family.