Ijo Temple Yogyakarta with Beautiful and Mysterious Panoramas, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Maybe some of you have heard about Prambanan and Borobudur temples. So, what about this Ijo temple? Have you visited it? This is where you can see the temple’s high altitude, which is located at 375 meters above sea level. So, this temple is the highest temple in Yogyakarta. You can imagine for yourself how beautiful the hilly panorama is in this place. It is certain that you will see irreplaceable panoramic beauty.

Yogyakarta Sleman Ijo Temple Tour

Location of Ijo Temple Sleman Yogyakarta

This temple is located in Groyokan Hamlet, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency. The location of Ijo Temple is close to Yogyakarta’s Adi Sucipto Airport. If you like historical tourism, then you can visit this place.

Yogyakarta Ijo Temple

Twilight at Ijo Temple, Yogyakarta

History of Ijo Temple Sleman Yogyakarta

This Sleman tourist spot is called Ijo Temple, because this temple was built from the 9th century, at which time this temple was built right on a hill which is also known as Gumuk Ijo or Green hill. In addition, the name of the village name Ijo is basically the first time mentioned in a Poh inscription that has existed since 906 AD. In that inscription is written about a ceremony attendee who came from the village of Wuang Hijau.

If this is true, then it means that Ijo’s name is almost 1100 years old from 2006. For its location, this temple is in the form of terraces that are getting higher and higher at the back, namely in the east and behind at the center of the temple.

Curses and Mysteries at Ijo Temple Sleman Yogyakarta

For lovers of historical tourism, this temple is also complete with its mystery secrets in the inscription. The inscription in question is located on the 9th terrace, where the inscription reads Bhuyutan or Guywann which means a place of hermitage. Even on another inscription of a stone measuring 14 cm with a thickness of 9 cm, several mantras are written with curses 16 times, “om sarww – awinasa, sarwwawinasa”.

Access to Ijo Temple, Yogyakarta

To be able to enjoy and go to this temple, you need extra energy to reach it. Where to make it easier, you can pass the Soto street to the Prambanan market which is located opposite the Prambanan temple complex. After arriving at the market, all you have to do is go to the southeast for about 7 km until you find a small direction to get to this temple, which is in the tourist village of Nawung which is located on the left of the road.
You need about 1.5 hours to get to this tourist spot using your private vehicle, whether it’s for a motorbike or by car.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Ijo Temple Yogyakarta

The ticket price is quite affordable. Only by registering with the guest attendance list at the security post and paying for parking only 2 thousand rupiahs for motorbikes, and 3 thousand rupiahs for cars, you can visit this tour for free.

Those are some of the beauty and facilities that you can get when you visit Ijo Temple. It is enough by knowing this information, hopefully it can make you more rushed to visit this cultural tourism. Because, compared to others, this temple is the most exotic that ever existed. Because this temple is the highest temple in Indonesia. So, you must visit it.