Water Blaster Tourism Bukit Candi Golf Semarang, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – To Semarang, don’t just eat spring rolls, but make sure to include a Water Blaster in your list of tourist visits. Moreover, Semarang is quite hot, so traveling to a waterpark is certainly very fun. This waterpark is not only fun for children, but also fun for adults, especially supported by a lot of rides. No need to go far to Jakarta or overseas to enjoy an exciting waterpark. Let’s read more about the info Water Blaster Tourism Bukit Candi Golf in Semarang from this tempatwisatadaerah.blogspot.com.

Water Blaster Tourism Bukit Candi Golf Semarang

Bukit Candi Golf Water Blaster Tour

Rides at Water Blaster Semarang

You have various kinds of exciting water rides provided here, besides that, there are also flying fox and outbound. No wonder the Water Blaster is always full of visitors. The location of this tourist spot is also safe, because entry is in an elite residential area at Graha Candi Golf. Indeed, with an area of ​​4 hectares, it is not surprising that the Water Blaster is one of the most complete water parks in Semarang. There are 13 types of rides available in total, here are some of them: · Glide 230 M long, 23 M high
Current pool
· Children’s games
· Flying fox is up to 105 M
If you want to hold a gathering, birthday party, or pre wedding. You can use the accommodations from the Water Blaster, they will prepare it.

Culinary Place at Water Blaster Semarang

Playing water, although it looks like it doesn’t drain your energy, the reality is different. In fact, the energy needed is quite a lot, especially having to walk from one vehicle to another. It’s also impossible that after going to the Waterpark you only use one vehicle right? After several hours of playing, your stomach must be rumbling. For those of you who haven’t eaten at home, you don’t need to worry, because the Water Blaster has a food court available. There is a wide selection of delicious food and fresh drinks. You can choose it to eat with your family. Of course, seeing children eat after playing is an unforgettable experience.

Opening Hours of Water Blaster Semarang

For any time and what time the waterpark operates, which is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 – 17:30 WIB. For Sundays and holidays the waterpark is open later, from 07:00 – 17:30 WIB.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Water Blaster Semarang

Entrance ticket price: IDR 35,000.00 – For weekends and holidays the admission ticket price increases to IDR 50,000.00. Prices can change at any time. You better bring extra money, after all, you will need it to pay for food and drinks at the food court.

Route to Water Blaster Semarang

Route: From the direction of Kendal then turn right and enter the Jatingaleh> Krapyak toll road, then exit the Jatingaleh toll gate, and turn left onto Jalan Setiabudi. Until you reach the Kaliwiru junction, you go straight to Jalan Dr Wahidin. Before the gas station, turn right, towards Jalan Candi Golf Boulevard, until the roundabout after the bridge, you turn left towards Jalan Bukit Candi Golf, the waterpark gate can be seen from here.

Location of Water Blaster Semarang

The address of the Semarang Water Blaster is on Jalan Bukit Candi Golf 1, Semarang, Postal Code: 50274
Phone number: 024 – 8500030
Official website: waterblasterindonesia.com

The closest tourist location to Water Blaster Semarang

· Central Java Grand Mosque, time required 21 minutes
· Watu Gong Pagoda, time needed 26 minutes
· Lawang Sewu, the time it took 18 minutes

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So after you are satisfied playing to this Water Blaster waterpark, and there is still time left over. Maybe you want to visit some of the nearby tourist attraction options. The closest thing is Lawang Sewu, this tourist attraction is also quite interesting. So many articles about the Bukit Candi Golf Water Blaster tour, there is a Wave Pool too! Have a good vacation.