Bekasi Tourism for a Short Vacation in an Urban Area, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Bekasi as one of the Industrial Cities has a variety of industrial factories spread across various areas in Bekasi. The existence of this industry can increase local revenue which can be used for development. The number of factories in Bekasi automatically contributes to the workforce in Bekasi. Usually on holidays they take the time to gather with their family at home or have recreation with their family.

In this article, we will provide several tourist attractions in Bekasi that can be used as a reference for your vacation with family. The Bekasi area is one of the areas that has many tourist icons, maybe what I will say this time is an option for a short Bekasi Tour in urban areas, here are various Bekasi Tours for Short Urban Holidays that you can visit.

Bekasi Tourism for Holidays

1. Waterboom Lippo Cikarang

Bekasi Tourism for Holidays

This is one of the tourist attractions that you can make a break for during the holidays, this place is designed to resemble the atmosphere in Bali with the establishment of various shawshanks around the Waterpark which have been decorated with typical Balinese cloth in black and white, as well as statues made of stone and frangipani flowers that will be add to the atmosphere of Bali around this tourist spot.

In addition, if you are traveling at Waterboom Lippo Cikarang, you will be satisfied playing a variety of water games that are complete and exciting, and there is also a special pool for children and adults, this is what will make you feel an amazing tour.

2. Saung Ranggon

Bekasi Tourism for Holidays

The house that was made by Prince Rangga was hidden when he was on the run from the Dutch, after that this attack was able to find decades of his house and until now this large building and still original ornament is well preserved, and has become one of the tourist icons in Bekasi.

3. Muara shoal beach

Bekasi Tourism for Holidays

Muara Beting Beach is what you can make a vacation spot when you are in Bekasi, this beach is located in Muaragembong sub-district, precisely in the village of Happy Beach which you can reach by traveling for 2 hours driving from the center of Bekasi City using a private vehicle.

In addition, at Muara Beting Beach there is also a nature reserve in which there is a mangrove forest which is inhabited by various wildlife such as Swamp crocodiles and black langurs, this beach is also a migration of birds from the Pacific region to mainland China, so you need to visit the beach. This is during the months of September to February, because at that time you can see the migration of birds for real.

4. Tour the tree house

Bekasi Tourism for Holidays

Bekasi Tourism This tree house can be your destination for refreshing with your family, besides that you can also feel the natural scenery and atmosphere that is still natural and beautiful, you can also try various rides such as wall climbing, flying fox or painball

5. Juang Building 45

Bekasi Tourism for Holidays

When you travel to Gedung Juang 45 Bekasi, you will witness the real history of Indonesia in Bekasi through Gedung Juang 45, here you can see various buildings that became mute for the struggle of the Bekasi people against colonialism, the building used to be a place for negotiations to exchange prisoners. or Indonesian fighters and invaders were built in two stages, namely in 1906 and 1925.

Not only that, this building also has a typical Dutch architectural style and is dominated by supporting poles with large flower motif shoes.This is what will add to the distinctive impression of Gedung Juang 45, therefore you need to visit a tourist area with historical nuances. This Indonesia.

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Those are the various Bekasi Tours for Short Urban Holidays that you can stop in, hopefully useful and thank you.