The Beautiful Three Color Beaches of Malang, Make Your Vacation Even More Fun, The Most Beautiful Tourist Places – Holidays are certainly something that is very popular with many people. From cultural tourism, culinary tours, to natural tourism, various tourists are eyeing it. When the holidays arrive, not a few of them choose to enjoy beach tours that can refresh their mind filled with work fatigue. One of the beaches that you can choose is Three Color Beaches in Malang City. From the name alone, this beach has made many people curious, let alone its beauty, guaranteed not to deter you from visiting it.

Here’s the Charm Three Color Beaches in Malang City which you can enjoy on holidays.

1. Has Three Colors of Sea Water

Just like his name Three Color Beach, this beach has three different colors of sea water, namely blue, green, and pink. The three colors come together to form one unique and beautiful underwater scene. Because of the difference in color, many tourists are confused and curious, how come the colors are different? You don’t have to be amazed and think where the color of the water came from. Based on research, the difference in sea water is due to different ocean depths and the presence of color refraction from sunlight. The pink color is formed from a water height of about 20 cm, the green color comes from the silt mixed with plankton, and the blue color is the color of the sea in general. This rare sight is perfect for your vacation. In addition to a beautiful place, it can also calm and soothe the heart. This rare beauty makes this beach ranked as the Most Beautiful Beach in Malang City, East Java.

2. Coral reefs accompanied by stunning marine life

Besides the beauty of the different water colors. Three Colors Beach Malang It is also decorated with a variety of beautiful coral reefs and marine life. You can enjoy this stunning underwater view by doing snorkeling activities. When snorkeling, you are required to use a buoy. This aims to maintain the underwater ecosystem of this Three Color coast.

3. Soft White Sand

Another charm of Three Color Beach This is the white sand that is still clean and soft. Its softness always greets every stepping foot, you can’t just miss playing sand activities. You can play with soft white sand accompanied by beautiful natural scenery. Surely your vacation will be more exciting and memorable.

4. Green Forest Beach Decorating Three Colors

Three Colors Beach Malang it is also decorated with green forest that surrounds it. Its existence in the middle of the forest makes this beach decorated with lush trees that make the atmosphere cooler and more refreshing. This place is perfect for those of you who want to calm down. Feeling tired and tiring work routines will disappear instantly with the intake of cool and natural air on this Tiga Warna beach.

Three Color Beach Facilities Malang

The facilities available in the vicinity Three Colors Beach Malang that is:
· Availability of buoys for visitors interested in snorkeling.
· Availability of guides or guides who will accompany and show the natural beauty of this Tiga Warna beach.
· Parking area to store the vehicles you use
· There is an inn whose location is not far from Tiga Warna beach. This accommodation that you can rent is about 3.25 kilometers from Tiga Warna beach.

Operating Hours and Entrance Ticket Prices for Three Colors Beach Malang

There is no time limit to visit Three Color Beach. You can visit at any time, adjusting your free time. To feel the charm of this beautiful beach you only pay Rp. 5000, – up to Rp. 10,000, – only. This tourist destination requires each visitor to hire a guide who applies to 10 people.

Location of the Three Colors Beach Malang

The address of Pantai Tiga Warna is poor is in Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan, District, Sumbermanjing, Malang. You need about 2 hours from downtown Malang.

Tips for Visiting the Three Colors Beach Malang

· It is recommended to book in advance before visiting. This is because there are restrictions on visits every day. Tiga Warna Beach is very protected by its beautiful and distinctive natural integrity, so that the management of this beach only allows 100 tourist visits per day.

· Every tourist who comes to this beach must be accompanied by a guide.

· Don’t litter or you will be fined Rp. 100,000, -. On Tiga Warna beach, garbage is very concerned, even every guard on the beach will check every item brought by each visitor. They will record any items that have the potential to become trash. Then when the visitor comes home the guard will double check your luggage. If you come home without the object that was noted earlier, then a fine will come to you.

· It is advisable to make data for each activity that you will do. Because if you think directly, the place will reduce your time to enjoy the Three Colors beach. Why is that? This is because each visitor is given a visit time of only about two hours. Quite a short time to enjoy this unique and rare natural beauty.

· The next tip for you is to make sure that you are physically in a healthy and fit condition. Because to get to Tiga Warna beach, you have to walk about 30 minutes from the available parking area.

· It is not allowed to camp in the Three Color beach area. Never mind to spend the night there, to enjoy the charm of the beach you are only given two hours.

· Three Colors Beach is a hidden paradise in the city of Malang. Its location is hidden behind the forest, making every visitor have to bring a private vehicle. Because there is no public transportation that passes this route.

Malang Three Color Beach Pictures

Three Colors Beach Malang

To enjoy the natural charm that is beautiful and rare, a struggle is indeed needed. Beauty Three Color Beaches in Malang City you cannot get it easily. There are many struggles and rules that you have to go through to enjoy its amazing charm.