Beautiful Natural Tourism on Mount Batur Bali, Regional Tourist Attractions – The enchantment of Mount Batur Bali tourism has a suitable combination of a combination of valleys and mountains that can captivate the hearts of tourists who visit. What is the height of Mount Batur Bali? Mount Batur has an altitude of about 2400 meters above sea level. In addition, this mountain is also very suitable to be visited because it has a Lake Batur around it. Mount Batur is approximately 45 km east of Denpasar City. You can visit it in Penelokan Kintamani, Bangli Regency. Mount Batur is an active volcano and is known as the second sacred mountain in Bali.

Mount Batur in Bali also has a symbol of the female element on the island of Bali. For the male element it is symbolized by Mount Agung. If you come to Bali and see two large mountains, the mountain is a symbol of male and female. If you want to distinguish between Mount Batur and Mount Agung, you can see them because Mount Batur is smaller than Mount Agung. In addition, this tourist spot is also well-known to be one of the dreams of domestic and foreign tourists so they can spend their vacation time.

Mount Batur Bali

Mount Batur Bali

Mount Batur in Bali also has cool air so that it can add to the uniqueness of this place. The natural scenery here is also very beautiful so that it can attract the attention of tourists. If you look at Mount Batur then you will see a unique view against the background of Trunyan Village which is one of the ancient villages so that it has its own charm for the tourists. Penelokan Kintamani is one of the tourist objects that has become a favorite destination for tourists while on vacation to the Island of the Gods. The view of Mount Batur is a stretch of black rocks and also Lake Batur which is curved blue like a crescent moon in a caldera which is so beautiful and also exotic when seen, that in Bali usually the beauty around is more radiant when it is in the afternoon.

If you want to come here, the location can be reached in about 1 ½ hours by car from Denpasar city. But you only need to need 20 minutes from Bangli City. It is also a great place for hikers who want to stretch their legs. If you want to walk up to Mount Batur, you need extra energy because this place has terrain that is not easy. But the scenery here is very spectacular and can treat your fatigue, besides that you can see some monkeys along the road to Mount Batur. This mountain also has a crater with spectacular scenic charm.

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