Beach Attractions in Central Java With Beautiful Views, The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – A very wide landscape makes Central Java Province has tourist attractions, especially its natural beaches that are not inferior to the beaches of the eastern part of Indonesia. In addition, its strategic location because it is located in the middle between West Java and East Java, making Central Java a frequent stopover for travelers from outside the region.

Maybe those who don’t really understand the existence of Central Java will think that this province only offers tourism about its culture and history. Although it is true, because various tourist attractions are the result of cultural customs that have been built since time immemorial. Even though there are many beach tours that you must visit for beautiful panoramas as below

Coastal Destinations in Central Java

1. Karimunjawa Beach

Karimunjawa Beach

Karimunjawa is the name of an archipelago in Jepara Regency, Central Java. Karimunjawa Islands including coastal tourism areas, mangrove forests and coastal forests. Here is the time for you to try your favorite spot, namely diving where you will be presented with natural biota in the form of sea corals, various fish and aquatic genera. An interesting experience when diving is exploring the wreck, which is precisely on Menjangan Kecil Island. For those who don’t like diving, you can also enjoy or snorkel on this Menjangan Besar Island. Apart from its excellent natural beauty, Karimunjawa is also famous for its diverse and delicious seafood.

2. Long Island Beach

Long Island Beach

Pulau Panjang is an island located in Jepara, Central Java. The island with an area of ​​19 hectares is 1.5 nautical miles from Kartini Beach, Jepara. Pajang Beach on Pajang Island is very exotic for you to visit. The view of clear water accompanied by clean white sand is the main attraction for attracting tourists. You can try out the most famous water activities, namely snorkeling and swimming with the shallow waters and the small waves so stunning. Moreover, the panoramic sea level with coral reefs is increasingly beautiful. Unfortunately lodging facilities are not yet available in this coastal area.

3. Menganti Beach

Menganti Beach

Want to feel the beach that feels like abroad. There is nothing wrong if you visit Kebumen Regency where there is a “New Zealand” beach in Central Java. The charm of monitoring with natural betang is so charming. Therefore, it is not surprising that travel lovers and photography lovers often come to this beach with white sand and a combination of blue sea water. Interestingly, it is surrounded by green hills and towering natural cliffs. Menganti Beach is a beach located in Karangduwur Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java

4. Widuri Beach

Widuri Beach

Widuri Beach, located in Pemalang Regency, is a popular beach area. You can see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset on this beach which is known as Tlincing. In addition, you can get a series of exciting activities at Widuri Beach. The reason is that there are many rides available, for example a game arena, a motorbike racing circuit, and there are even seafood culinary spots.

5. Marina Beach

Marina Beach

You have to continue to the city of Semarang, because here there is Marina Beach which has a characteristic beautiful and shady beach. In this coastal area there are many shady trees, so you will not overheat. Meanwhile, you can see a panoramic view of the sunset in the afternoon and before evening, then enjoy a meal with a variety of culinary specialties in the Marina Beach area. There are activities offered on this beach, such as ATV rental or swimming tires.

Those are some beach tourist destinations in Central Java. It is better if these beaches are further developed by optimizing infrastructure, accommodation and promotion, because they have good potential so that they can be famous such as the popularity of cultural tourism.