Atlantic Dreamland, Tourist Attractions in Salatiga which are Good for Holidays, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – When the holidays arrive, usually tourist spots are always filled with visitors who want to have a vacation with their family. In the City of Salatiga, there is a tourist spot that is perfect for spending holidays with family, namely Atlantic Dreamland. Atlantic Dreamland is a water play vehicle located in the City of Salatiga. Indeed, currently there are many water games or waterboom rides built in several cities in Indonesia. This is indeed a tourist spot like this that is in great demand by the community, especially for family groups who want to spend weekend holidays or other holidays. Atlantic Dreamland claiming itself as a family tourist spot that combines the concepts of education and tourism. This means that in this place children not only play but can also be useful because they are educational.

Atlantic Dreamland

Atlantic Dreamland location

If you are interested in coming to Atlantic Dreamland attractions with your family, then you just come to the City of Salatiga. To find Atlantic Dreamland, we think it is not difficult because it is located in the center of Salatiga. Atlantic Dreamland’s full address is Jl. Soekarno-Hatta, the Isep of Salatiga City, Central Java.

Atlantic Dreamland rides

The rides provided by Atlantic Dreamland Salatiga attractions are very complete. Occupying an area of ​​3.5 hectares, Atlantic Dreamland has 19 kinds of rides in it. All rides are designed with a concept that is safe, comfortable and fun for all family members. Some of the rides on the Atlantic Dreamland Salatiga tour include a swimming pool, water boom, water toys, car bombs, softplay, flying fox, circular track, mini coaster, carousel, jumping balloon, water roller, 4D theater, ATV, ponies, battery cars, mini rickshaws, pirates ships, mini trains, and scooters.

Atlantic Dreamland Entrance Ticket Prices

Entrance tickets Atlantic Dreamland tourist destinations provided are a ticket which costs Rp. 40,000 for Sundays and other holidays and Rp. 30,000 for Monday-Saturday. If you don’t want to buy a one-way ticket, you can pay per game at Atlantic Dreamland with prices varying from Rp. 7,500 – Rp. 20,000.

Contact Atlantic Dreamland

If you feel that the information we provide is incomplete about this Salatiga Atlantic Dreamland tourist spot, you can contact the contact below:
Jl.Soekarno-Hatta, Isep-isep
Salatiga – Central Java
Tel. (0298) 323014
Fax. (0298) 323695

That is the tourism information about Atlantic Dreamland, a tourist spot in Salatiga which is good for holidays. Don’t forget to also visit other tourist attractions in Salatiga and also tourist attractions in the vicinity.

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