Addictive Blitar Chocolate Village Tour, The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot – Do you already know the interesting tourist icon in Blitar? Not only beach and waterfall tours, you know, which are attractive tourist icons in Blitar. However, there is one other tourist spot that is very interesting in Blitar and has become the most popular tourist icon among both local and foreign tourists. This tourist icon is Blitar Chocolate Village Tour.

Blitar chocolate village tourism is not just any chocolate village. There you can enjoy Blitar Chocolate Village tour packages including knowledge about planting, processing to enjoy culinary chocolate. Anyway, it will be very interesting if you visit Blitar Chocolate Village tour. Would you like to visit there? Let’s look at more information about Blitar Chocolate Village tours first!

Blitar Chocolate Village Tour, East Java

Blitar Chocolate Village Tour

Information Regarding Blitar Chocolate Village Tour

The tourist location of Blitar Chocolate Village is on Jalan Banteng Blorok 18, Plosorejo Village, Kademangan District. To reach this brown village is also very easy. From downtown Blitar, you travel for 15 to 20 minutes. Entering the Kampung Chocolate area, you will breathe a very distinctive hot chocolate aroma. Enough to make you relieved and full of course

To enter the Kampung Coklat area, you are required to pay a retribution fee of around IDR 5,000. And you will enjoy the architecture of the building which is dominated by brown on the right and left of the road to the cocoa plantation. And in the cocoa plantation you will find a pile of cocoa beans that are ready to be processed.

Not far from the cocoa plantation area, you will find a chocolate production warehouse. Then you can immediately look at the cocoa garden where there is an area of ​​cultivated cacao trees. And from there, you will find a source of chocolate that is processed into delicious culinary delights. Not only can you know about the source of chocolate, when you travel to Chocolate Village, you can also process cocoa beans into chocolate so that the packaging becomes really delicious food.

When you visit Kampung Coklat, the atmosphere around Kampung Coklat which is also filled with kako trees can not only spread the aroma of chocolate but also make the surrounding atmosphere very cool. While enjoying the cool atmosphere of Kampung Chocolate, you can also enjoy a number of chocolate offerings from chocolate ice, chocolate ice cream, chocolate noodles, chocolate cake and many more. Surely you can be full back – home from here
Therefore, for those of you who are lovers of the world of chocolate, you must immediately visit the Kampung Coklat tour and find a myriad of exciting experiences there. Hopefully the information we provide above regarding the Information Regarding Blitar Chocolate Village Tourism is useful. Have a good vacation.