9 Culinary Attractions in Malang that are Hits, You Must Try, The Most Beautiful Tour – Malang as one of the cities that has many tourist destinations is an open secret if it is used as a vacation spot for many people. Especially during long holidays, the city of Malang is always crowded with tourists. Traveling in a city is not complete without tasting the regional culinary delights. Moreover, in Malang City, which turns out to have a unique culinary wealth, of course this is a special concern.

If you are currently planning to travel to Malang City, it’s a good idea to stop by at the culinary attractions in Malang which are again the following hits. In the discussion of Culinary Tourism in Malang, you will find culinary delights in the form of food or also typical Malang snacks. Here are the most famous culinary tours in Malang:

1. Meatball President

President meatball

This meatball with a unique name is a shame if you miss it when visiting Malang. One of these legendary culinary tours binds every visitor who comes. Its popularity is not only limited to culinary tourism lovers, there are even many artists who visit to taste the unfortunate specialties of Bakso President. For you meatball lovers, this place is really cool. Bakso President presents a variety of processed meatballs with a typical Malang taste. Starting from original meatballs, grilled meatballs with distinctive marinades, and offal meatballs that are ready to shake your tongue.

In order not to be curious, you should just visit this shop which is on Jalan Batanghari No. 5 Malang. The Bakso President shop is open every day from 08.00 to 21.30. The price for the meatballs starts from Rp. 10,000, – up to 25,000, -. Get ready Bakso President will make you addicted. Don’t forget, come early or you will run out later.

2. Malang City Restaurant Kitchen

Dapur Resto Malang City

For those of you who are in the city of Malang, either on a vacation trip or a business trip. You must stop by at Dapur Resto Malang City. You can find and taste specialties of East Java and foreign specialties in this place.

Not only is the food it serves tempting the tongue, but the price doesn’t really drain your wallet. You can find Dapur Resto Malang on Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. D-401, East Java.

3. Soto Geprak Mbah Djo Malang

Soto Geprak Mbah Djo Malang

Soto Geprak Mbah Djo has been popular since 1959. This legendary culinary has a blend of traditional spices so that it has a distinctive taste. This unique name stems from the habit of the owner, Mbah Djo, who likes to crush the meat by beating it until it feels soft.

When you visit Jalan Letjen S. Parman, Malang, you will not only find Soto Geprak, but other dishes are also available in this place such as meatballs, fried chicken, fried duck and a variety of various drinks that you can choose from. Interested in trying? Just come straight to the scene.

4. Boldy Bakpao

Boldy Bakpao

These buns are not just buns. This Boldy Malang Bakpao has a distinctive and delicious taste. This legendary Malang culinary has attracted many visitors. There are various flavors that you can choose from, such as Bakpao with peanut flavor, green bean flavor, chicken flavor, and other flavors. When you visit Malang city, stop by this Boldy Bakpao and you will feel the sensation of an unusual delicacy of bakpao.

5. Gajah Mada noodles

Gajah Mada noodles

Culinary attractions this one specifically serves a variety of various noodles. Its strategic place is visited by many culinary lovers. Mie Gajah Mada, as one of the favorite culinary delights in Malang, is a must try. This shop has a mainstay menu, namely mushroom chicken noodles.

6. Pecel Kawi

Pecel Kawi

The next culinary tour in Malang that is recommended for you is Pecel Kawi. This Pecel Kawi culinary has been established since 2014 which already has many customers. This culinary is very suitable as a breakfast menu in the city of Malang. You can find Pecel in various corners of Malang city, but there is something different about this Pecel Kawi. You can feel the unique taste with a different taste from the peanut sauce which is tastier and thicker. As the name implies, Pecel Kawi, the location is also on Jalan Kawi Atas No, 43 B, Malang. Tips for those of you who are interested in tasting Pecel Kawi, you should arrive early because this place is always crowded with queues of buyers.

7. Putu Lanang Celaket

Putu Lanang Celaket

Putu is a type of traditional cake that is in great demand today. Putu is made of rice flour with brown sugar filling, which is steamed until cooked. Putu Lanang is served on banana leaves with a sprinkling of grated coconut which combines into one to produce an indulgent taste. Putu Lanang with a soft texture and delicious taste you can enjoy at Jalan Attorney General Soeprapto No. 13 Malang. In addition to the delicious noodle dishes, this location also provides a variety of other traditional snacks such as cenil, lupis, and getuk. Besides being able to be brought home, you can also enjoy this snack on the spot.

8. Pia Mangkok Malang

Pia Mangkok Malang

No trip to Malang is complete without buying this typical snack, Pia Mangkok Malang. Pia Mangkok Malang has a soft texture and delicious taste that will make you addicted. There are various flavors that you can choose from, ranging from green beans, durian, cheese, coffee, chocolate and other flavors. You can find this one snack on Jalan Semeru No. 25 Malang.

9. Depot Hok Lay Malang

Depot Hok Lay Malang

This culinary delicacy has been established since 1946 which is located on Jalan KH. Achmad Dahlan No. 10, Malang. There is no history behind the naming of this shop, it’s just that the owner spontaneously named it Hok Lay. The unique thing that you can find in this depot is the typical Semarang culinary delights that are served in the city of Malang. Not only from the unique food offerings but also the unique architecture of the building makes you feel at home for a long time in this place. You will enjoy a variety of food and drinks that are the mainstay of Hok Lay at affordable prices. Prices start from around Rp. 7,000. Cheap enough, right?

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If you take one by one, the culinary delights in Malang will never end. The nine rows of culinary tours in Malang that are more hits that you must try above represent other culinary delights in Malang.