8 Most Attractive Tourist Attractions in the City of Salatiga, the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Salatiga City is a city located in Central Java Province. The city of Salatiga is located between the cities of Semarang and Surakarta. Therefore, if you take a trip across the Solo-Semarang road, you will definitely cross the city of Salatiga. You need to know that the City of Salatige is a city with a small area of ​​only 5,678,110 hectares which is divided into 4 districts. The districts in Salatiga City are Argomulyo, Tingkir, Sidomukti and Sidorejo Districts. With this narrow area, it is not surprising that there are not many tourist attractions in the City of Salatiga. However, based on official sources from the Salatiga City Government website, there are several tourist attractions in the City of Salatiga which we summarize again into the 8 most interesting tourist attractions. The following is 8 most interesting tourist attractions in the city of Salatiga.

8 Coolest City Tours in Salatiga

1. Atlantic Dreamland Water Ride

Atlantic Dreamland Water Ride

The Atlantic Dreamland Water Ride is a family tourist spot located in the center of Salatiga. Atlantic Dreamland offers a wide variety of water rides that are very suitable for our children, although there are also many games that can be enjoyed by adults. The game rides are very varied, not only water games, there are also many land games. The game area in the Salatiga Atlantic Dreamland Tourism is about 3.5 hectares, where there are around 19 game rides that are ready to pamper you and all your family members. Some of the rides available at Atlantic Dreamland attractions include swimming pools, water booms, water toys, car bombs, softplay, flying fox, circular tracks, mini coasters, carousels, jumping balloons, water rollers, 4D theater, ATV, ponies, battery cars, mini rickshaws, pirates ships, mini trains, and scooters. If you are interested in going to Atlantic Dreamland, you can come directly to the City of Salatiga then come to the address Jl.Soekarno-Hatta, Isep-isep, Salatiga – Central Java while the phone number is Tel. (0298) 323014.
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2. White Cross Agro-tourism

White Cross Agro-tourism

Agro-tourism of the White Cross is one of the famous tourist attractions in Salatiga. In this place offers a variety of interesting facilities for families to enjoy. In addition to lodging with a capacity of around 50 rooms, Agro-tourism of the White Cross can also be used as a place for recollection / retreat, training, outbound, and various seminars. Many activities of government agencies and companies are held in this place, because besides the complete facilities, the scenery around the location is very beautiful. From the White Cross Agro, you can see the pening swamp from a height, because the location of this agro-tourism is on the slopes of Mount Merbabu. The location of the White Cross Agro Tourism itself is in the route of the City of Salatiga-Kopeng km 4, Salatiga, Central Java. We believe it will be very easy for you to find it.

3. Kalitaman Swimming Pool

Kalitaman Swimming Pool

The Kalitaman Swimming Pool which is located in Salatiga City has very clear water so that it is widely used by residents for swimming, especially on Sundays and other holidays. Kalitaman swimming pool is often known as Kali Gedong Swimming Pool and is the oldest swimming pool in Salatiga. As a tourist spot, the Kalitaman swimming pool is still lacking in facilities. In this place there is only a swimming pool, other facilities have not been built, such as children’s games, so currently residents who come only from Salatiga City themselves who want to swim. However, if it is developed more seriously, the Kalitaman Swimming Pool could become a busy tourist spot and become a competitor to Atlantic Dreamland.

4. Tourism Village Tingkir Lor

Tingkir Lor Tourism Village

Tingkir Village is one of the historical villages, because this is where Jaka Tingkir lived, a young man who later became the Sultan of the Sultanate of Pajang. This Tingkir tourism village was only inaugurated in 2014 so it is still relatively new and still needs a lot of development. In this tourist village, you can shop for convection products such as clothes, shirts, etc. at low prices. In addition, there are also various kinds of typical Salatiga souvenirs. In addition to shopping, you can also watch regional art attractions, namely Drumblek. This drumblek is a very unique performance, which is similar to a drumband but the tools used are made of blek or used cans.

5. Cultural Heritage Plumpungan Inscription

Plumpungan inscription cultural heritage

The Plumpungan inscription is an inscription or slate inscribed with a sentence in ancient Javanese letters in Sanskrit, namely “Shir Astu Swasti Prajabyah” which means more or less May the people be safe and prosperous. With aanya this inscription is used as evidence of the existence of the City of Salatiga at that time. Seeing the importance of the discovery of this inscription a =, then the Plumpungan Inscription Cultural Heritage was made. The plan for this location is to develop historical tourism with an area of ​​about 2,765 square meters. Apart from the inscriptions, the area around Plumpungan is also known as the center for producing Plumpungan batik. Therefore, in this hamlet there is also a Batik Plumpungan Batik Tour. The location of this Plumpungan inscription cultural heritage is on Jl. Batu Tulis, Kauman Kidul Village, Sidorejo District Salatiga.

6. Cultural Tourism

Culture tour

The city of Salatiga is also known for its cultural events which are still being preserved until now. Several cultural events in Salatiga include the Suran Ki Hajar Sampurno Cultural Tour which is held every 1 Suro, Saparan Cultural Tourism, Tirakatan Anniversary Cultural Tour every July 23 and also the Anniversary Cultural Culture Tour on July 24.

7. Shopping Tour for MSME Pastries “Saga”

UMKM Pastry Shopping Tour "Saga"

It’s not complete if you visit the City of Salatiga but don’t give Salatiga souvenirs. Lots of snacks that are typical of the City of Salatiga. To get a variety of snacks, you can get them at Saga Salatiga. Saga is a shopping tour that provides various kinds of typical Salatiga food, which is on Jalan Fatmawati, Salatiga City. Saga itself stands for Snack Salatiga. Foods provided in Saga include pulmonary chips, soy sauce, beef jerky, shredded etc.

8. Culinary tours

Culinary tour

In addition to tasting Salatiga’s typical snacks, you also have to taste the various kinds of culinary delights in the city of Salatiga. For typical Salatiga food, you can get one of them at night along Jalan Jendral Soedirman. The typical Salatiga food that visitors always hunt is wedang ronde and goat satay. Apart from Jalan Jendral Sudirman, another location that has become a culinary center is Jalan Fatmawati. Here you can enjoy culinary offerings in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. For culinary rounds, you can try Mak Pari round stalls and also Ronde Jago, guaranteed to be delicious.

Thus, the 8 Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in the City of Salatiga hope it can help provide information to those of you who intend to further explore tourism in the City of Salatiga. Apart from the 8 tourist attractions above, actually Slaatiga City is also often associated with several tourist locations around the City of Salatiga. These tourist spots are administratively included in the Semarang Regency area, but because of their location closer to the City of Salatiga, it is not uncommon for them to consider them as tourist sites in Salatiga. Tourist attractions around Salatiga are for example the Kopeng tourist area, climbing Mount Merbabu, Rawa Pening, Mount Telomoyo and also the Bandungan Tourism Area. Therefore, if you visit the City of Salatiga, there is nothing wrong if you also visit several tourist spots around Salatiga above.
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