7 natural attractions in Jember that are good for Instagram photos, the most beautiful tourist spots – Have you ever heard of Jember Regency? For those of you who come from East Java, you must be familiar with this regency. Jember Regency is a district in East Java Province which borders Probolinggo, Bondowoso, Banyuwangi and Lumajang Regencies. One of the famous things from Jember Regency is the Jember Fashion Carnaval event which is well known to foreign countries. Besides that, Jember is also known as a producer of tobacco commodities. One of the well-known tobacco producers in Indonesia is the city of Jember. Tobacco from Jember is used as an outer coating on cigars. Jember tobacco is well known to Brehmen, the Netherlands and Germany. Well, in the world of tourism, Jember Regency also has several mainstay tourist attractions that are not inferior to other regencies in East Java. In this article, we will discuss 7 of the most popular tourist attractions in Jember Regency which are very suitable as places to take pictures and then upload them to Instagram.

Here are 7 of the most famous natural attractions in Jember

1. Puger Beach

Puger Beach

One of tourist attractions in Jember which is frequently visited by young tourists is Puger Beach Jember. Puger Beach is suitable for those who like fishing, on this beach there is also a fish auction that sells fresh fish. In this place there is also the Puger Watang Nature Reserve, which is located in the Puger Beach area.

2. Bandealit Beach

Bandealit Beach

At Bandealit beach you can do water sports, for example boddy surfing. You can rent the equipment that has been provided by the beach manager. For other activities, such as canoeing, down the river with speedboots and seeing various types of birds.

3. Malikan White Sand Beach

Malikan White Sand Beach

This natural tourist spot in Jember has the beauty of white sand and lush trees on the beach. This place is perfect for unwinding, especially for those of you who are active in big cities. To enter the location of tourist attractions in Jember Pantai Pasir Putih Malikan, you have to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 12,500 / person. In this place there is also a cave, the cave is cave lawa. In this cave about 30 meters, but to be able to enter the cave you have to wait while the water is receding.

4. Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo Beach

The location of Watu Ulo beach is adjacent to Malikan White Sand Beach, the distance of this beach is approximately 40 km from the city center of Jember. This beach is named Ulo Beach because there is a rock formation that extends like a snake. The stone is located on the coast to the middle of the sea. At Watu Ulo Beach, it is often used for fair events every year.

5. Payangan Beach

Payangan Beach

Payangan Beach in Jember is one of the famous tourist destinations for its beautiful sunrise. Around this Payangan Beach there are hills, which if you see Payangan Beach from this hill, the scenery will be very beautiful. Payangan Beach is located in Ambulu District, Jember Regency, East Java.

6. Patemon’s Bath

Patemon's Bath

Patemon baths in Jember offer the sensation of bathing in cold water over the mountains. The water used in this bath is very clear and cool and comes from native mountain springs so it will feel fresh. Patemon baths are usually crowded with tourists on Sundays or national holidays. The location of the Pateon bath itself is in the Tanggul District, Jember Regency, East Java.

7. Puncak Rembangan

Puncak Rembangan

The distance to Puncak Rembangan is about 15 km from North Jember with an altitude of 650 medpl. In this place, your eyes will be spoiled with views of the mountains and agriculture. In addition, there are also baths with natural water.
Thus is 7 Natural Attractions in Jember Good For Instagram Photos. Don’t forget to visit other interesting tourist spots in East Java.