Pati Tourism Today’s Most Popular Choice, Regional Tourist Attractions. Pati Regency has a variety of tourist attractions that are no less interesting than other districts. Previously, for those who didn’t know, Pati Regency was one of the districts in Central Java. Pati Regency is adjacent to Kudus, Jepara, Rembang and Grobogan Regencies. Currently, in Pati Regency, there are various kinds of tourist attractions in the form of nature tourism, family tourism, historical tourism, etc. There is a lot of information on tourist attractions in Pati on the internet. Some of them mention to pluhan. In this article, we deliberately show only 7 tourist locations in Pati with a more detailed discussion. We do not want to include locations that are not actually starch tourist attractions but are considered as tourist attractions visited by tourists.

Below are the 7 most popular choices of Pati tours at this time:

Rowo Mountain Reservoir

tour of Rowo Mountain Reservoir

Rowo Mountain Reservoir is a reservoir located in Sitiluhur village, Gembong sub-district, Pati Regency, Central Java. This reservoir is located in a valley between several hilltops on the east side of Mount Muria. The area of ​​the reservoir is approximately +320 Ha. Based on records from the Office of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure of Pati Regency, this reservoir was created during the Dutch East Indies government in 1928. The Rowo Mountain Reservoir has an area of ​​+320 Ha and can contain approximately 5.5 million cubic meters of water, as well as supply. create the Seloromo Reservoir. In the past, the Rowo Mountain Reservoir together with the Seloromo Reservoir were able to irrigate paddy fields covering an area of ​​about 10,000 hectares, which were spread in the Margorejo, Gembong, Wedarijaksa, Juwana, Tlogowungu, and Pati Subdistricts.

Rowo Mountain Reservoir offers the charm of an exotic mountain nature. A wide water-filled reservoir with a background of the Muria mountains is the highlight of this tourist spot in Jolong village, Pati Regency. If you are in the Rowo Pati Mountain Reservoir, we can see the rows of Muria mountains that go up high when facing west. You can enjoy exoticism when we are in the garden room in the Rowo Mountain reservoir. This park is made taller than the usual reservoir section.

Not only that, visitors can also enjoy children’s rides prepared by the manager. But visitors have to climb the ladder first if they want to enjoy the game and the shade of the trees. On the hill, there is the inscription “I Love Gunung Rowo”. Quite a few of the visitors posed or took selfies on the writing of the place. Another selfie photo spot is a building in the middle of a reservoir to measure the water level made since the Dutch colonial era.
Not only are they spoiled with some views and fairly complete facilities, visitors can also enjoy some grilled or fried fish menu items typical of dams and young coconut ice drinks in stalls on the edge of the dam or reservoir. If you enjoy the natural scenery in Pati, you must try visiting this Pati Gunung Rowo tour.

Juwana Water Fantasy (JWF)

Juwana Water Fantasy (JWF)

Juwana Water Fantasy is a picnic facility that can make your fantasy happen in the form of game resistance and also water rides. Juwana Water Fantasy Pati is divided into 37 rides that make you never tired to continue attending. This artificial starch tourist destination in Bumimulyo Village contains many visitors who come daily, either from Pati itself or outside the region. With a space of 5 hectares, it will extend visitors with water games and others. There is a synthetic grass futsal court which is of special quality. Visitors will be spoiled with special quality rides there. Not only that, the architecture of the building is like a European fortress, making many visitors not bored looking for the best spot to save themselves. In addition, JWF has prepared many interesting selfie spots to be uploaded on their respective social media. Not only that, at the price of admission that can be reached, visitors from any group can enjoy the available rides.

The road route to Juwana Water Fantasy is not difficult, because it is located on Jalan Pantura. Not only the number of regular transportation to JWF, visitors who use private vehicles are not overwhelmed, because a large parking space has been prepared.

The Juwana Water Fantasy rides include the following:
– Spill Pool – Bumper Car
– Water Pool – 3D Cinema
– Adult Pool – Miniature Wonder of the World
– Flow Pool – Futsal Court
– Water Slide – Mini Rickshaw
– Water Rickshaw – Viking Kora-Kora
– Ghost Cave – Happy Stage
– Rotary Coaster – Tramboline
– Playground – Family Karaoke
– Children’s Playground – And Other Rides
– Mini Train
– Go kart
– Flying fox

Pati Jolong Tour I

Pati Jolong Tour I

Jollong Agro Tourism is in Jollong Village, Gembong District, Pati Regency, Central Java. Why is the name Jolong I, how many Jolongs are there in Pati Regency? In Pati Regency, there are two Jolong tours. Jolong I features a scenic tour around the Jolong coffee factory. Meanwhile, Jolong II has a dragon fruit garden which is also managed by the management of PTPN IX Pati.
The route to Wisata Pati Jolong I is if you are from Pati City, look for a road to the north towards Jl. Raya Tlogowungu then turn left at the T-junction which leads to Jolong Tour. Make sure the condition of your body and vehicle is in good shape, because the Jolong tour route is a bit winding and passes through mountainous routes.

Jollong Agro Tourism is a complete tourist object suitable to be visited with the family. This coffee plantation tour is educational, because you can take a vacation while learning how to process coffee. The situation here is really cool and beautiful because it is under the top of Mount Muria.

You can go around and see the vast coffee plants, pick them and take them to the factory to be processed. Here is a coffee processing factory, which is managed by PT. National Plantation IX.

This factory is very old, because it was made during the Dutch colonial period. Even though it is old, the machines can still work properly as they are today. Because the management and the surrounding residents keep and preserve it.

For some parents who bring small children, you don’t need to worry, because here there are also children’s games such as mini cars, balloon castles, flying fox rooms, fish therapy pools, 3D Tricky Art houses and swimming pools.

Not a tour if you don’t taste the culinary tour. There are several types of food typical of Pati City, one of which is gandul rice, mangut ndas manyung, soto kemiri, runting goat petis and many more.
For souvenirs, you can buy landoh jenang, baked batik, Pati specialty coffee and presto milkfish as a champion in the city of Pati.

Pati Jolong Tour II

Pati Jolong Tour II

Pati Jolong II Tourism, which has a Dragon Garden in it, has now become a new tourist attraction in Pati. The beautiful panoramic view of the united dragon fruit garden is a tourist choice in Pati for those of you who want to get fresh air. This tour is really interesting to visit, be it a few children, a family or a few teenagers. In the past, this place was considered a coffee plantation, and later it was transformed into a dragon fruit plantation.

Bukit Naga is the location of Jolong II agro-tourism, founded about three years ago and is managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX which owns a state-owned company. The location of this natural tourism is located in the west side of the city of pati, precisely in the village of Sitiluhur, District of Gembong. Interestingly, this location is at the foot of Mount Muria so it has cool air.

To get to the location it takes about 40 minutes from the city of Pati with a distance of 15 km. So far, access to the location of the Dragon Hill agro-tourism can be reached by private vehicle, and there is no road for ordinary vehicles.

Tourist location in Pati Jolong II, this dragon hill has a stretch of dragon fruit garden about 10 Ha. Visitors can walk around the garden via a path made with steps. When the harvest season comes, visitors can do fruit picking tours, which of course the price of dragon fruit is according to market prices and tends to be cheaper. Not only are you treated to a panoramic view of the dragon fruit tree, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings through a viewing post. From here, visitors will be spoiled for a panoramic view of the beauty of two reservoirs (Mount Rowo Reservoir and Seloromo Reservoir) and the stretch of Pati City from above. Visitors can also enjoy the stretch of coffee plantation around the Dragon Hill.

Pati Goa Pancur Tour

Pati Goa Pancur Tour

Pati Tourism Object Goa Pancur is located on the south side of Pati City, precisely in Jimbaran Village, Kayen District. The route you are taking to get to Pati Goa Pancur Tourism is from Pati to the south towards Kayen / Purwodadi, from Pati to Kayen it is taken for about 19 km. Until in front of SMA N 1 Kayen turn left, from here still enter the surrounding places. 3.3 km .. The driveway of the place has all hotmix asphalt. So from Pati to the tourist attractions of Goa Pancur you travel a distance of 23.2 km.
The entrance ticket to Pati Goa Pancur Tourism is for motorbikes Rp. 3,000, while for a car Rp. 6,000. Entering the mouth of Goa, we will be treated to a stunning panorama, strands of stalactites and stalagmites wrapped in water droplets seem completely natural, inside there are springs that flow during the season and never dry.

Limestone rocks that make these stalactites and stalagmites have a certain beauty, in the cave there are stalagmites in the form of rice fields, this shape is a favorite of some nature enthusiasts. There is also a stalactite called Stone Curtains or Stone Wings. Enter 127 mtr. from the mouth of Goa there is the first grojogan that you can enjoy.

Bukit Pandang Duren Sawit

Bukit Pandang Duren Sawit

Kayen view hill is now one of the best selling tourist destinations visited by several Indonesian travelers. Kayen view hill which is located in pati district is one of the tourist objects that display natural scenery from a height which is now favored by local people. On this viewing hill, visitors can see the natural scenery around the kayen with an altitude of 200 mtr.

The origin of the name hill ki santa mulya, hill santa in Javanese spelling is read sonto, right on top of santa’s incline, so the people around call it the incline. Kayen View Hill is one of the good tourist options with cheap entrance tickets in the pati area. Not except for this kayen palm durian hill of view.

At the top of the hill you will clearly see the view of Mount Kendeng. So it must be really suitable for those of you who like selfie and want to be creative without draining the contents of your pocket hehe.

The peak of Arga Pesona

The peak of Arga Pesona

At the highest peak of the Kendeng Mountains you can explore extensively your vacation time with your family here, it is located quite enough to be reached because it is on the edge between the city of Pati and the city of Grobogan.

You can enjoy the beautiful natural charm from above the viewing post and see the natural beauty in Rembang, Blora, Grobogan, Pati, and Kudus, all of which will look so exotic and amazing to you. So this is really recommended for those of you who have a hobby of photography because there are many beautiful spots here.
To be able to attend this place, therefore you can come to Beketel Village which is included in Kayen District, Pati Regency, Central Java.

Thus, these are the 7 most popular choice of Pati Tourism today. There are many more tours in Pati that cannot be mentioned in this article. However, we believe that these 7 tours are currently the most in demand by visitors.