6 of the most popular tourist attractions in Cirebon with beautiful views, the most beautiful tourist spots – The location of the city is strategic because it has a sea port. This is what makes the Cirebon region of West Java Province quite crowded with visitors, both on business and on vacation. Apart from that, it is a favorable geographical location with the rapid development of economic and agricultural distribution. Plus good and adequate infrastructure facilities. So that you can easily reach several tourist attractions in this city.

The most popular tourist attractions in Cirebon, West Java

1. Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi

Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi

Taman Sari Cave Sunyaragi tourist attractions it is located on Jl. Brigjen Darsono, Kelurahan Sunyaragi, Cirebon which was built in 1703. The meaning of Sunyaragi itself, namely Sunya means lonely, Ragi means body, and a place to grow. Therefore, it is known as Sunyaragi.
The cultural heritage area with an area of ​​1.5 hectares, there are about 18 ancient buildings with the architecture between classical Indonesia and China. So that it becomes the main attraction in each ornament. Most visitors are photographers, because this place is perfect for photo shoots.

2. The Kesepuhan Palace

Kesepuhan Palace

Cirebon as a tourist attraction with historical value. For that you will enjoy the magnificent Keraton Kesepuhan Tour Cirebon, which was founded in 1529 by Pangeran Mas Mochammad Arifin II (great-grandson of Sunan Gunung Jati).
Inside the palace, there is a museum containing various heirlooms and paintings in the royal collection. You will enjoy the atmosphere of Cirebon in the past when you set foot in this Kasepuhan Palace. The buildings that were created were acculturated with thick cultures, including Javanese and Sundanese culture and with several cultures in the world, namely, Arabic, European and Indian.

3. Banyu Panas Palimanan

Banyu Panas Palimanan

Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Hot springs located in Palimanan Barat Village, Gempol District, Cirebon are very crowded. It is famous for its water sources which are rich in sulfur which is high enough for the health of the body.
You will always be shown the green color of the trees and gray limestone of Mount Kromong which is quite dominant in the hot spring area. Facilities that provide various types of swimming pools, with the availability of washing rooms, changing rooms and toilets. You only need to reach the pocket of Rp. 4,500, – per person for admission. Meanwhile, for a hot bath, a tariff of Rp. 6000, – per person.

4. The Beach of Kejaraan

Kejangka Beach

This attractive and simple tourist attraction in Cirebon is very busy with visitors in the afternoon. This location is suitable, for those of you who want to release your boredom while working while feeling the breeze of the beach. You only need to pay Rp. 20,000, – per person.
5. Mussels Lake
When you see Remis Lake, of course you will be amazed by the beauty of this tourist spot. The coolness of the clear, greenish water and the bottom is very clear. In this lake, you can also find many delicious mussels (freshwater clams) and contain high protein. While the lake side is directly adjacent to the forest, and is often used for pre-wedding photo locations by photographers.

6. Apita Waterboom

Apita Waterboom

Apita Waterboom Tourism Object is perfect for recreation with family. You can children to enjoy the facilities available at this tourist spot. The location is on Jalan Kedawung (next to the Apita hotel), Cirebon. This object is one of the most visited when the holidays arrive.

Those are the things that can be said about Cirebon Tourism in this article, hopefully it can add to your information on vacation. Make sure you visit popular tourist spots in the Cirebon area.
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