6 Leading Natural Tourism Places in Tangerang, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Apart from being a supporting city of Jakarta due to its close proximity, Tanggerang is also famous for its factories and business in shopping. In addition, there are tourist attractions that are attractive to tourists. This can be seen from various natural tourism which is in Tangerang which can pamper every eye of both local visitors and even from outside the region.

6 Natural Attractions in Tangerang

1. Situ Cipondoh

Situ Cipondoh

Tangerang Nature Tourism Situ Cipondoh is a lake which is located on Jalan Kyai Haji Hasyim Ashari, Tanggerang. You can find the beauty of the soothing scenery. This tour is great for a picnic with your family or colleagues. In the lake you can also carry out various activities that are presented, such as playing water bikes, taking a boat around the lake, playing miniature trains, ducks-bebekan, flying fox to fishing.

2. Tanjung Kait Beach

Tanjung Kait Beach

Another beach that attracts attention in Tangerang is Tanjung Kait Beach, namely, because of its uniqueness, there is a fishing village that is located facing the sea, including its bamboo pier. The location is relatively easy to reach, which is about 30 km north of Tangerang.

When you visit Tanjung Kait beach, you are guaranteed to get experience and cheap culinary tours, because of the fishing village. By enjoying a dish of marine ingredients on stilts above the sea, it is very pleasant and calms the mind. Plus the view of the sunset and the atmosphere of the calm waves.

3. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir Beach, Tangerang, which is famous for its marine tourism, is located at 25 kilometers from the city center of Tangerang. Tanjung Pasir Beach is known for its calming waves so it is perfect for relaxing with family. In addition, you can also cross to Pulu Seribu by renting a boat. Tanjung Pasir Beach in Tangerang is one of the leading tourist destinations in Tangerang which is always crowded with tourists, especially during the holidays.

4. Ten Sluice Dam

Ten Sluice Dam

The dam named Bendungan Pintu Air Sepuluh has 10 gates that function to regulate the water level in the Cisadane river. Each of the doors measures about 10 meters. Therefore this dam is called a giant dam. You will see a charming natural landscape with fresh air. Usually this place is used for recreation, relaxing and fishing. For those of you who have a hobby in the field of photography, you can explore further in every corner of the Pintu Air Sepuluh Dam in Tangerang.

5. Cup Island

Cup Island

This tourist spot in Tangerang, namely Cup Island, is a tourist attraction located in Kronjo District, Tanggerang. Cup Island has an area of ​​2.5 hectares. The green location, still beautiful and the cool air is suitable for those of you who want to take a vacation looking for refreshing. In addition to natural tourism, on this cup island there are also people who are on pilgrimage at Makan Pangeran Jaga Lautan. So in Tangerang Cup, besides being able to travel to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also take a religious tour to the ulama’s grave.

6. Cigaru Blue Lake

Cigaru Blue Lake

One of the hidden tourist attractions in the Cisoka area, Tanggerang, namely Cigaru Blue Lake. This lake is famous for its mystique, because it is said that the lake has blue and greenish water that can be inhabited by spirits who are said to be called the Queen of the Rainbow. In addition, it is also reported that they often enter the bodies of visitors and local residents at these tourist sites. However, that is a myth. The blue lake itself was formed from a natural phenomenon which is a former sand excavation where there is a pool of water with a depth of 50 meters and the color of the water can change. So that it seems that the natural charm of the lake is amazing.

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