5 most charming tourist destinations in East Kalimantan, the most beautiful tourist spots – Want to travel in a different location from other tourist attractions? So try to visit the island of Kalimantan to be precise, the region of East Kalimantan. The reason is that in this area there are many tourist attractions that are worthy of being used as tourism destinations for travelers or travel lovers. In addition, the state of the tourist objects presented looks still natural.

Before we examine one by one what is the mainstay of East Kalimantan’s tourist attractions, do you know the name of the capital city of this province? At least you already know because the city will be the first stop when you arrive at East Kalimantan the. Yes, who else if not the city of Samarinda, which indeed treats tourists to various tourist objects such as the following.

5 most charming tourist destinations in East Kalimantan

1. Kumala Island

Kumala Island

Kumala Island is a delta area on the Mahakam River. The concept presented from Kumala Island is a combination of modern technology and traditional culture. It is said that the island used to be just empty land with shrubs. However, now it has changed with many facilities, such as a 100 meter high sky tower, that’s where you can enjoy the beauty of the air. In addition, there is a DSJ Resort and a swimming pool, there is also a Giant Aquarium for freshwater dolphins and dolphins found only in China and Brazil.

2. Kutai National Park

Kutai National Park

At least you will visit Kutai National Park, from April to October every year. It is in this object that you will be offered a variety of interesting locations to explore, such as Kaba Bay which includes an orangutan rehabilitation center and Muara Sangkimah, Lombok Bay and Muara Sungai Sangata, as well as Goa Lobang and Angin. In addition, this Kutai National Park offers a variety of main vegetation, for example forest vegetation or freshwater swamp forest, where mangroves are found.

3. Bangkirai Hill

Bangkirai Hill

Bukit Bangkirai provides a tourist experience in the form of unspoiled tropical rainforests. However, it is equipped with tourist facilities and infrastructure, namely restaurants, swimming pools, cottages and jungle cabins. The interesting things in this object are the canopy bridge, the long tailed monkey and the black orchid. Not only that, Bangkirai Hill also has Bangkirai trees that grow a lot around protected forests. So it’s no wonder this tourist mascot has gone global.

4. Kayan Mentarang National Park

Kayan Mentarang National Park

Kayan Mentarang National Park has an area of ​​approximately 1,360,500 hectares, including the first forest area as well as the second largest old forest in Kalimantan and throughout Southeast Asia. This tourist attraction presents the diversity of high-value plant and animal species, which are rare and protected species. Then, the type of ecosystem from lowland rain forest to mossy forest in high mountain areas. Unfortunately, there are several types of birds that are almost extinct.

5. Sungai Wain Protected Forest

Sungai Wain Protected Forest

Sungai Wai Protected Forest is an agro-tourism which is located on Jl Soekarno-Hatta Km 23. In this forest area there is a mascot that is different from other tourist attractions, namely the sun bear population. Visitors can see it during the day, if they are asleep. There is also Helarctos malayanus which means sun bear from Malaya or Sun Bear. That’s why you have to take time to this one object.

Well, of the 5 tourist attractions presented by East Kalimantan, the object that you must most visit for the first time is Bangkirai Hill, then you will visit other tourist sites. Those are the 5 most charming tourist destinations in East Kalimantan that are the best for spending holidays with family.