5 Most Beautiful Marine Tourism in West Sumatra – Indonesia is an archipelago country that certainly has a million beautiful and amazing beaches. Starting from Sabang to Merauke, there are beaches that cannot be avoided by every eye. Especially the rows along the island of Sumatra that offer its natural charm, seen from the coast in the West Sumatra region.

For those of you beach lovers it is highly recommended to travel to one of the Minang domains. The reason is that in the area it stores virgin marine wealth. Of course, it is no less charming than beaches in Eastern Indonesia such as Bali and Raja Ampat. For that, we provide some marine tourism in the form of the most beautiful islands on West Sumatra.

5 Most Beautiful Marine Tourism in West Sumatra

1. Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island

Cibudak Island does not have any inhabitants, so that a clean and beautiful natural feel envelops the beach. But you don’t have to worry if you want to stay on this island, because there are cottages that were built traditionally. The most interesting activity to do is dive spots. Previously you had to rent a speedboat to get to this location.

2. Pasumpahan Island

Pasumpahan Island

This beautiful and beautiful virgin island cannot be missed. Its existence is in Bungus Teluk Kabung District, Padang. White sandy beach destinations combined with coral reefs. The underwater world which has a coral reef ecosystem and various types of ornamental fish is very charming. So for those of you who like diving, it is highly recommended to explore Pasumpahan Island.

3. Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island

The island, which has a tropical climate throughout the year, spans 44.4 hectares of land. Its unspoiled white sand is perfect for relaxing. As a means of support for tourists, Sikuai Island is equipped with star-rated resort hotels and resorts such as restaurants, cottages, and swimming pools. That’s where you can cycle around the island or paddle a canoe in the ocean.

4. Bungus Island

Bungus Island

Bungus Island is directly adjacent to Pesisir Selatan which is about 12 km from Padang City. The mainstay activity that tourists usually do is snorkeling. However, you can also go around the beach using a rented boat. Not only is the beauty of the beach offered on Bungus Island, but also culinary tours with typical fish dishes from local fishermen. Guaranteed your tiredness along the way from the port will be paid off.

5. Pagang Island

Pagang Island

As the end of marine tourism in West Sumatra, you must visit Pagang Island which is still fairly beautiful and natural. You can reach it by road and continue crossing at Bungus Padang Harbor. There are many beach activities that can be done here, such as speedboats or snorkeling. If you want to pamper yourself, just sunbathe on the soft sandy beach.

So, those are the 5 Most Beautiful Marine Tourism in West Sumatra that you must visit. Hopefully this latest West Sumatra tourist spot can be a reference for your future vacation to explore the beauty of the beach.