5 Most Beautiful Beaches Along the Island of Papua – Who doesn’t like having a vacation to the beach? Especially if offered to venture to the beaches in Papua. Where the area has the charm of exotic Papuan beach tourism. The view of the sea is able to thrill the whole soul and heart. So it is very unfortunate if you miss the beaches in Eastern Indonesia.

The existence of beautiful beaches is certainly inseparable from the power of God who created nature in the oceans. This is because the country that is developing the song pond milk is able to offer countless benefits of beaches, such as nets that catch beautiful fish to reach humans. Not only that, character beach tourism in Papua so friendly with coolness, so the following most beautiful beaches are ready to accompany your peace.

List of the most beautiful beaches along the island of Papua

1. Raja Ampat Beach

Raja Ampat Beach

This is a very popular beach for its beauty. The location is in Manokwari Regency, West Papua. Nature tourism which is a hidden paradise from Papua with its charming marine park treats. Anyone who comes to this Raja Ampat location is guaranteed to be amazed by the view of the beach and the clean and sparkling white sand. This is the time for you to snorkel or sail along the island. The beach in Papua Raja Ampat is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia which is well known in the world.

2. Tanjung Kasuari Beach

Tanjung Kasuari Beach

The next most beautiful beach is in Sorong City, West Papua. The natural charm of the beach is a stretch of clean and smooth white sand. In addition, tall and dense trees are also overgrown along the coast. Therefore, this beach is perfect for your vacation destination with family. Apart from sunbathing on the sand, you can also swim with the roaring waves.

3. Triton Bay Beach

Triton Bay Beach

Tourism in Papua cannot be separated from its stunning beaches, such as Teluk Triton Beach in Kaimana, Papua. At this beach location there are lots of rare coral reefs and sea star animals. Thus, diving is the best activity on the beach. If you don’t like it, you can see the charm of a beautiful sunset. Interestingly, you will also find small islands and limestone walls with ancient red paintings.

4. Bosnik Beach

Bosnik Beach

Bosnik Beach can also be your mainstay while on vacation in this eastern region of Indonesia. Behind the vast expanse of white sand, it turns out to save a million natural beauty under the sea. If you are not satisfied just watching the blue sea waves, then you can dive to see the charm of coral reefs and beautiful fish. So not if the beach is excellent for some tourists.

5. Harlem Beach

Harlem Beach

To close your meeting in the Papua region, then explore the beauty of Papua which is difficult to reach Harlem Beach which is so exotic for its scenery. Even though the location is in a remote area and is indeed very hidden, this beach can make visitors feel like having a private beach. Evidenced by the white sand combined with sea water, which creates a very beautiful color gradient and clarity. For that, you must snorkel or dive so you can see the natural biota under the sea.

How, how fun isn’t it a vacation to the beach? Invite your family members and friends so you can enjoy the beauty of the 5 Most Beautiful Beaches throughout the Island of Papua together.