5 Beach Attractions in Ambon With Exotic Views, The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – This is one of the areas that you must visit to fill your holiday with your family, namely Ambon City. Ambon City is the capital of Maluku province where local people often refer to it as amboynas. In this area it is still very beautiful and natural because it is very rarely touched by various tourists. Indeed, in Indonesia itself has various tourist areas with its natural beauty. In addition, this country is also rich in culture and regions, therefore this is what can add its own value in Indonesia, just like Ambon City which keeps secrets of its various natural beauties which are very soothing. and glorify.

In this article we only discuss some of the tourist attractions in Ambin which are beaches. Of course, these 5 beach resorts in Ambon are tourist attractions with beautiful and exotic views. Here are five exotic beaches that you must visit in the Ambon area:

1. Beach Relax

Relaxing Beach

This relaxing beach tourist spot, located in Ambon City, to be precise in Latu Lahat Village, is very impressive, if you visit this beach or travel to this beach, you will definitely feel comfortable and relaxed with panoramic beauty that is so soothing to the soul, this is supported by There is clear and slightly bluish colored beach water with white sand that can attract your interest.

2. Liang Beach

Liang Beach

Liang Beach is one of the names of beaches in Ambon which has a beautiful view. Liang Beach has another name, namely Hunimua Beach. Liang Beach is located in Liang Village, Salahutu District, Ambon. Liang Beach has a beautiful view of beautiful white sand. The beauty of Liang Beach is evidenced by the crowning of Liang Beach as the Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia in 1991. Besides being famous for its beautiful natural scenery, Liang Beach in Ambon is also famous as a location for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

3. Natsepa Beach

Natsepa Beach

Ambon Tourism Natsepa Beach is located in Ambon City, precisely in the village of Suli. We can cover a distance of about 18 KM, but if you want to visit this beach you can use alternative transportation to get to this beach by taking public transportation from Suli.
You can also take a motorbike or private car, because this beach is very strategically located and will make it easier for you to come to this beach, Natsepa beach has a beautiful view like the color of clean white sand so today is perfect for vacationing with your family and spending your vacation time.

Not only that, the various trees stand neatly and shady which will add a distinct impression while on this natsepa beach.

4. Hukurila Beach

Hukurila Beach

The beach in Ambon City, precisely in Hukurila village, has one special feature, namely a variety of unspoiled underwater panoramas and lots of fish and coral reefs, this is what can make us interested in visiting this Hukurila beach.
In this area there are also two more beaches which are close to the Hukurila beach, the beach is Gusyani and the larynx beach, therefore we can enjoy tourist attractions in the South Kalimantan area.

5. Namalatu Beach

Namalatu Beach

Namalatu beach is located in Ambon City, precisely in Latu Halo Village. When we are in the city center we can travel about 14 km to come to this island, this island is still very original and natural with a beauty that can add to our nuances while on vacation on this beach.
What adds to the special impression is the supernatural view towards the Banda sea, the Banda Sea is the deepest sea in our country.

That was 5 Exotic and beautiful beach tourist attractions in Ambon which is mandatory for you to visit. Don’t forget to visit Ambon and enjoy the amazing natural scenery there.