27 Most Popular Purbalingga Tourism for Holidays, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – Central Java, there are indeed many tourist attractions that are very popular. In this discussion, we will discuss several tourist attractions in Purbalingga Regency, Central Java. Purbalingga Regency is one of the districts in Central Java. Don’t be mistaken with Probolinggo. Probolinggo is a district in East Java. Purbalingga Regency is bordered by Pemalang Regency in the north, with Banjarnegara Regency in the east and south, and with Banyumas Regency in the west and south. In this article we will discuss the 27 most popular tourist attractions in Purbalingga district, Central Java.

27 Best Purbalingga Central Java Tourism

1. Owabong


The favorite tour in Purbalingga Regency is Owabong. Owabong is a waterpark that offers a variety of water rides suitable for all ages. At Owabong Waterpark you can find various kinds of rides such as fun rafting, karting and of course a very good waterboom. Currently, it can be said that Owabong is a mainstay of tourism in Purbalingga. Almost every day this tour is crowded with visitors who come from Purbalingga itself and from other areas. If you want to visit Owabong in Purbalingga, you can come to Bojongsari Village, Bojongsari District, Purbalingga Regency.

2. Goa Lawa

Goa Lawa

Lawa is the Javanese language of bats. So you can be sure that Goa Lawa in Purbalingga is a cave that is inhabited by bats. Purbalingga Goa Lawa Tourism is one of the tours that is also in demand by the community. In Goa Lawa, you can walk into a cave which has a beautiful view. In the Goa Lawa area there are also about 16 other caves such as Wind Cave, Pos Cave, Lawang Kereta Cave etc. So in one area you can enjoy some of these beautiful natural caves.

3. Sendaren peak

Sendaren Peak

One of the new tourist attractions in Purbalingga is Sendaren peak. Sendaren peak has a beautiful view. Because the location is on a hill, from up here you can see the view of the trees below. Sendaren peak is famous for its bridge over the clouds. In addition, you can take pictures at several interesting and instagramable spots. If you are interested, you can come to the address of Puncak Sendaren in Karang Gedang Hamlet, Panusupan Village, Rembang District, Purbalingga Regency.

4. Watu Mujur River

Watu Mujur River

The Watu Mujur River in Purbalingga is one of the interesting spots for tourists to visit because it has a very clear and fresh water flow here. Besides that, the surrounding scenery is also very interesting. The river wall is in the form of beautiful rock cliffs and on either side of it is overgrown with shady trees. The location of the Watu Mujur River is in Batur Hamlet, Panusupan Village, Rembang District, Purbalingga Regency.

5. Waterfall Sumba

Waterfall Sumba

Other natural attractions in Purbalingga are in Curug Sumba. The Purbalingga tourist spot, Curug Sumba also has a clear and fresh flow because it comes from natural springs and its beauty is still maintained. The location of the Sumba waterfall is in Tlahab Kidul Village, Karangreja District, Purbalingga Regency. In addition to the Sumba waterfall, in purbalingga regency there is also a tour in the form of a waterfall with a view that is no less interesting, for example Curug Nini, Curug Tempuran, Curug Tuntung Laut, Curug Ciputut, Curug Nagasari, Curug Aul, Curug Panyatan, Curug Kalikarang, Curug Gogor, Curug Silintang. , Curug Kecom, Curug Bandung, Curug Lintang, Curug Penisihan, Curug Sengon, Curug Pingit Kembar, Curug Lawang, Curug Lamuk Limpaktepus, Curug Siangin, Curug Celiling, Curug Nangga etc.

6. Rafting the Klawing River

Klawing River Rafting

Currently, many rafting or rafting tours are developed in several regions. In Purbalingga Regency, there is also a very good rafting tour, namely the Klawing River which has a fast current. Rafting on the Lawing River is very good because it can stimulate participants’ adrenaline and can also train team cohesiveness. The facilities offered at this Klawing River rafting spot are also very complete. For participants who take part in the rafting here, they will get a welcome drink, snacks, standard equipment, instructors, insurance etc.

7. Lembah Asri Agrotourism

Lembah Asri Agrotourism

A natural tourist spot in Purbalingga that you can enjoy next is the Valley of Asri Agrotourism which offers a very beautiful view of the charming Mount Slamet. In addition to the beautiful view of Mount Slamet, in this agro-tourism there is also a Strawberry Garden, doing outbound activities and also seeing the vegetable gardens owned by local residents. The location of the Asri Valley Agro-tourism itself is in Serang Village, Karangreja District, Purbalingga Regency.

8. Igir Wringin

Igir Wringin

If you look at some of the posts on Instagram, nowadays many people post natural attractions in the form of tree houses on the hill. One of the famous ones is the one in Kalibiru Kulon Progo Yogyakarta. In Purbalingga, there are also tree houses on top of a hill like that, namely the one in Igir Wringin Purbalingga. If you want to visit Igir Wringin, then you can come directly to Panusupan Village, Rembang District, Purbalingga Regency.

9. Situ Tirta Marta

Situ Tirta Marta

Water attractions that have recently become hits are underwater photos at Umbul Ponggok in Klaten, Central Java. In this place, visitors can take pictures under the water with amazing views. Now in Purbalingga, it turns out that there is also a place like this, which is in Situ Tirta Marta. The water in this pool is very clear, so the resulting photo looks really good. As an additional property you can use a bicycle or motorbike that is available in the place. The location of Situ Tirta Marta itself is in Karangcegak Village, Kutasari District, Purbalingga Regency.

10. Climbing Mount Slamet

Climbing Mount Slamet

For those who have a hobby of climbing mountains, then Mount Slamet is one of the mountains that you must try to climb. Mount Slamet is the highest mountain in Central Java. Mount Slamet is included in 5 districts, namely Brebes, Banyumas, Tegal, Purbalingga and Pemalang regencies. One of the climbing routes for Mount Slamet is the one through Purbalingga. You could say climbing Mount Slamet is fairly difficult, but the view at the top is so beautiful that it is in great demand by climbers and nature lovers.

11. Money Museum

Money Museum

In Purbalingga there is a very unique educational tour, namely the Money Museum. the money museum has a collection of various types of money such as money from various countries and also very historical ancient money. Even in the Purbalingga Money museum there are also types of money from the time of the Majapahit kingdom. The Money Museum in Purbalingga is located at or located at Jln. Kutasari, Purbalingga Regency. Interesting right ?

12. Reptile Park Sanggaluri Park

Reptile Park Sanggaluri Park

If you are traveling to Purbalingga, then don’t miss to visit one of the tourist attractions with an educational tourism concept, namely the Sanggaluri Park Reptile Park. In the Sanggaluri Park Reptile Tour you can see a collection of various kinds of reptiles both from within the country and abroad. The location of the Sanggaluri Park Reptile Park itself is in Kutasari Village, Kutasari District, Purbalingga Regency.

13. Walik Purbalingga Swimming Pool

Walik Purbalingga Swimming Pool

Apart from Owabong, water tourism in Purbalingga is at the Walik Purbalingga Swimming Pool. This swimming pool is a swimming pool for residents in Purbalingga and its surroundings. The location is quite spacious and clean. The location of the Walik Purbalingga Swimming Pool itself is in Walik Village, Kutasari, Purbalingga Regency.

14. Museum Jenderal Soedirman

Jenderal Soedirman Museum

The Jenderal Soedirman Museum in Purbalingga was created to commemorate the services of the national hero, General Soedirman. General Soedirman is one of the heroes who has extraordinary services in the framework of Indonesian independence. Jenderal Soedirman Museum contains a replica of General Soedirman’s house complete with furniture.

15. Purbasari Pancuran Mas

Purbasari Pancuran Mas

Purbasari Pancuran Mas offers tourist rides that are popular with the public. One of the rides available at Purbasari Pancuran Mas is a mini aquarium cave which is similar to Sea World Jakarta. The location of Purbasari Pancuran Mas is in Purbayasa Village, Padamara District, Purbalingga Regency

16. New tourist attractions in Purbalingga that are Instagramable

Apart from the Purbalingga Tourism above, there are several other tours that can be said to be still newly developed. This tour is very good as a photo spot and then uploaded to social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. The term young people now is instagramable. Here are some of the new Instagramable tourist spots in Purbalingga.

Pring Wulung Love Bridge

Pring Wulung Love Bridge

The location of the Pring Wulung Love Bridge Tour is at Panusupan RT. 3 RW. 4, District Rembang, Panusupan, Kec. Rembang, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java.

Khayangan Corner

Khayangan Corner

The location of the Purbalingga Pojok Khayangan tourist spot is in Panusupan Tourism Village, Rembang District, Panusupan, Kec. Rembang, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java.

Miniature Giant Birdhouse

  Miniature Giant Birdhouse

The location of the Purbalingga Tourism Place Miniature Giant Bird House is in Panusupan Tourism Village, Rembang District, Panusupan, Kec. Rembang, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java.

Batur Peak

Batur Peak

The location of the Purbalingga Peak Batur tourist spot is in Panusupan Village, Rembang District, Purbalingga Regency

Peak of Sibarat

Peak of Sibarat

The location of the Purbalingga Peak of Sibarat is in the area of ​​Mount Welud, Rembang, Purbalingga.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

The location of the Pelangi Bridge Purbalingga Tourist Place is in Sumingkir Hamlet, Bantarbarang Village, Rembang Purbalingga District, Central Java

Dwarf Village

Dwarf Village

The location of the Purbalingga Tourism Place, Dwarf Village is in Serang, Karangreja, Purbalingga

River Tubing Limbasari

River Tubing Limbasari

The location of the Purbalingga River Tubing Limbasari Tourist Place is in Limbasari Village, Bobotsari Purbalingga District.

Giant Stone Twin Pingit Gardens

Giant Stone Twin Pingit Gardens

The location of the Purbalingga Tourism Place, the Giant Stone Twin Pingit Park, is in Panusupan Village, Kec. Rembang Purbalingga.

Telkom Peak Viewpoint

Telkom Peak Viewpoint

The location of the Puncak Telkom Purbalingga tourist spot is in Kutabawa, Karangreja, Purbalingga.

Watu Geong

Watu Geong

The location of the Purbalingga Watu Geong tourist spot is in Ds. Mount Welud, Kec. Rembang, Kab. Purbalingga, Central Java

Srimbar Jaya Hills

Srimbar Jaya Hills

The location of the Purbalingga Srimbar Jaya Hills tourist spot is in the tourist village of Panusupan, Kec Rembang, Kab. Purbalingga, Central Java.

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