25 Best Tourist Attractions in Cilacap, Central Java, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Cilacap Regency is one of the regencies directly adjacent to West Java Province. This region is also in direct contact with the Indian Ocean. Cilacap Regency has the following boundaries: In the north it is bordered by Brebes and Banyumas Regencies. The south is bordered by the Indian Ocean. In the west is bordered by Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province. There is something interesting about Cilacap Regency, namely the existence of Nusakambangan Island, which has been used specifically since the colonial era as a prison or is currently called a Penitentiary. As time went on, Nusakambangan Island began to open to the public and became a tourist destination that was quite busy being visited.

25 Most Attractive Places in Cilacap, Central Java

In this article we will discuss the 25 Best Places to Visit in Cilacap, Central Java. Hopefully this article can increase the number of tourists visiting Cilacap Regency and ultimately improve the economy of the people of Cilacap, Central Java. Here are 25 Best Places in Cilacap, Central Java.

1. Nusakambangan Island

Nusakambangan Island

Nusakambangan Island is known as Prison Island. Here there are many “heavyweight” prisoners such as terrorism, drugs etc. As an island, Nusakambangan certainly has a shoreline in it. And it turns out that the beach on Nusakambangan Island is so beautiful that it encourages laur to tour there. To go to the island of Nusa Kambangan can be done by crossing the sea through the Port of Sodong. With the ship, you can also visit several tourist destinations on Nusakambangan Island such as Permisan Beach, Karang Pandan beach, Karang Bolong Fortress, Goa Ratu, etc.

2. Fort Pendem

Pendem Fort

This Cilacap tour is included in Historical tourism, namely the Pendem fort. Pendem Fort is a relic of the Dutch colonial era located in the Teluk Penyu Beach area, Cilacap, Central Java. If you visit this fort, you can see the solidity of this Dutch heritage fort building and can see some of the rooms that used to be functioned as meeting rooms, stalking fortresses, arsenal, gunpowder gangs, prisons, officers’ rooms etc.

3. Widarapayung Beach

Widarapayung Beach

As we explained earlier that Cilacap Regency has an area bordering the Indian Ocean, so automatically there are several beaches located in Cilacap. One of the beaches that is used as a tourist destination in Cilacap is Widarapayung Beach. This beach is close to Nusakambangan Island so from here you can also cross to visit Nusakambangan.

4. Mandala waterfall

Mandala waterfall

Other natural attractions in Cilacap are Curug Mandala. This waterfall, which is still hidden in Cilacap, can be said to be unique because it is said that it was reportedly formed from a bomb explosion by the Dutch army during the colonial period.

5. Mount Selok Tourism

Mount Selok Tourism

Tourism in the hills does give its own impression. One of the natural attractions in the Cilacap hills is Gunung Selok Tour. Here you can take pictures on a hill with a scenic background in the form of the southern sea and trees. The location of Gunung Selok Tourism itself is in Karangbenda Village, Adipala Cilacap District, Central Java.

6. Cemara Sewu Beach

Cemara Sewu Beach

One more beach tour in CIlacap Regency is Cemara Sewu Beach. Cemara Sewu Beach has a beautiful view of the blue ocean and the shoreline overgrown with pine trees. The location of Cemara Sewu Beach itself is in Jetis Village, Nusawangi, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

7. Brackish Forest Tourism

Brackish Forest Tourism

Brackish Forest Tourism is a mangrove forest that functions as a beach protector from abrasion in Tritih Kulon Village, Cilacap Utara District, Cilacap Regency. This tourist spot in Cilacap Mangrove Forest is also a place for the ecosystem of several marine animals such as Gelodok Fish, Uca, Pistol Shrimp, etc.

8. Turtle Bay Beach

Turtle Bay Beach

Cilacap Regency has a row of beautiful beaches. One of the beaches in Cilacap Regency is Teluk Penyu Beach. Besides enjoying the hard waves, you can also get around the beach using boats that are rented at Teluk Penyu Beach, Cilacap.

9. Jetis Beach Nusawungu

Jetis Beach Nusawungu

One more beach tour in Cilacap is Jetis Nusawungu Beach. Jetis Beach Nusawungu offers natural views in the form of a beach with black sand. Jetis Beach is located in Jetis village, Nusawungu District, Cilacap Regency.

10. Cipari Hot Spring

Cipari Hot Spring

In Cilacap Regency, there is also a hot spring, namely the Cipari Hot Spring. These hot springs also come from natural sources and contain sulfur. Many bathe in this bath to get health.

11. Soesilo Soedarman Museum

Soesilo Soedarman Museum

Soesilo Soedarman Museum is one of the educational tours that should be visited in Cilacap Regency. Soesilo Soedarman Museum is a museum that holds relics of General TNI (ret) Soesilo Soedarman. General Soesilo Soedarman himself is a TNI General and also served as a Minister in the era of President Soeharto leadership. The location of the Soesilo Soedarman Museum is in Gentasari, Kroya, Cilacap.

12. Tirta Mas Waterpark

Tirta Mas Waterpark

Almost in every region has water tourism or often called a waterboom. In CIlacap Regency itself, there is also a water tourism called Waterpark Tirta Mas. Tirta Mas Waterpark offers water entertainment in the form of a swimming pool and also several water games. Tirta Mas Waterpark itself is located on Jalan Rinjani, Sidanegara, Cilacap.

13. Banyu Pratama

Banyu Pratama

Apart from the Tirta Mas Waterpark, Cilacap also has other water attractions, namely Banyu Pratama. The location of Banyu Pratama is on Jalan Sampang Sikampuh, Sidasari, Sampang, Cilacap Regency.

14. Kampung Laut

Kampung Laut

There is one very distinctive landscape found in Cilacap Regency, which is a lagoon which is often known as Segara Anakan. There was a settlement which was later named Kampung Laut. Visiting here you will be treated to a village atmosphere with nuances of the water.

In addition to the tourist attractions above, in Cilacap Regency there are also other tourist attractions, here are the tourist attractions that are no less beautiful in Cilacap Regency.

Cimandaway waterfall

Cimandaway waterfall

Cilacap Tourism Curug Cimandaway is a waterfall located in the forest area of ​​Perhutani and its address is in Serang Village, Datar, Dayeuluhur, Cilacap Regency.

Sodong Beach

  Sodong Beach

Tourism in Cilacap Sodong beach is in Karangbenda, Adipala Cilacap

Ketapang Indah Beach

Ketapang Indah Beach

Cilacap Tourism Ketapang Indah Beach is a beach located on Jalan Pagubugan, Ketapang Beach, Sidaurip, Binangun, Kab. Cilacap.

Kali Kencana Beach

Kali Kencana Beach

Kali Kencana Beach is located in Sidanegara, Cilacap, Central Java

Koebangkangkung Reservoir

Koebangkangkung Reservoir

Koebangkangkung Reservoir Tourism is located at Kuabangkangkung, Kawunganten Kab. Cilacap. Koebangkangkung Reservoir is located in the middle of a rubber plantation so the scenery here is very beautiful and cool.

Jambusari Campground

Jambusari Campground

Jambusari Campground has beautiful natural scenery typical of the mountains. Bumi Perkemahan Jambusari is located on Jl Cilacap Wangon, Jeruklegi, Jambusari, Cilacap

Kemit Forest Karanggedang

Kemit Forest Karanggedang

Tourist Attractions in Cilacap Kemit Forest karanggedang is located in Karanggedang Sidareja Cilacap

Citepus Waterfall

Citepus Waterfall

Cilacap Tourism Citepus Waterfall is located on Jalan Karang Jati, Jeruklegi, Citepus, Cilacap, Central Java.

Karanggedang Pine Forest

Karanggedang Pine Forest

This tourism object in Cilacap Karanggedang Pine Forest is located on Jalan Pisang Karanggedang, Sidareja, Cilacap.

Matenggeng Village

Matenggeng Village

Matenggeng Village Tourism is located in Matenggeng Village, Dayeuhluhur District, Kab. Cilacap.

Taman Hati Stone Mosque

The Batu Mosque Religious Tourism is located on Nusantara Street, Tritih Kulon Village

Taman Hati Stone Mosque

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That was the information about 25 Cilacap Tourist Attractions Central Java is the Best. If there are new tourist attractions in Cilacap that we haven’t written, you can write them in the comments column below. As much as possible we will update it to make it more complete.