15 Most Famous Culinary Tours in Jakarta to Eat with Friends, Lovers and Family, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – The hustle and bustle and traffic jams that always flood the Jakarta City area makes many people tired of their days. Fortunately, Jakarta offers all the places to get rid of fatigue for its citizens, both in the form of recreation areas, malls, cafes, restaurants, and even culinary spots that are famous throughout the world. We all know that Jakarta as a capital city has a lot of creative people, one of which is in the culinary field. Therefore, there are many places to eat in Jakarta with unique and interesting concepts. This makes us as customers free in choosing what food menu we will eat to spend time with our beloved family. In this article, we will discuss 15 of the most famous culinary attractions in Jakarta. Of course there are lots of other interesting places to eat in Jakarta, but in this article we will only list 15 of them. Here are 15 culinary tourism spots in Jakarta, that is:

15 Most Famous Culinary Tours in Jakarta

1. Joni Steak

Joni Steak

Tourist attraction The first culinary in Jakarta that we will discuss is Joni Steak. You can find delicious steaks with several meat choices such as tenderloin, sirloin, wagyu, and rib eye combined with a choice of BBQ sauce, mushrooms, black pepper, and garlic. You can find them at Joni Steak Pasar Baru, Joni Steak Gajah Mada, and Joni Steak Kalimalang. The menu made from chicken and fish adds to the menu choices at the restaurant that was founded in 2005.

2. Kamseng Restaurant

Kamseng Restaurant

Kamseng Restaurant is a fairly luxurious dining place in Jakarta. The restaurant, which is open 24 hours with two floors, offers pork tongue dishes, various types of porridge, and cakwe to complement the kamseng porridge.

3. Pecenongan


This place to eat at night in Jakarta is an area where there are many food vendors. This area has many food vendors complete with tents that offer a variety of delicious dishes worth the food at the mall. If you are here, hurry to hunt for seafood, Chinese food, and martabak that are much sought after by culinary connoisseurs. The charm of Pecenongan has been proven from the year it was founded, which is around the 1970s, which provided cheap Jakarta culinary tours and became a magnet for foreign tourists who also enlivened this place.

4. Bandar Djakarta

Bandar Djakarta

This culinary tour in Jakarta was established in 2001 which can accommodate 200 people, but now it can accommodate up to 1600 seats. Its location right in Ancol, makes this restaurant serve fresh seafood delights complete with a beach atmosphere. You can choose the location of your place to eat in the form of lesehan, indoors, or also on the beach.

5. Magnum Cafe

Magnum Cafe

Want to find a romantic place to eat in Jakarta? Magnum Cafe is one of them. Chocolate and ice cream is an amazing sweet dish at a very expensive price of IDR 45,000.00 per ice cream. You know Magnum ice cream? Well at Magnum Cafe you can taste modified magnum ice cream and complementary snacks such as various flavors of french fries, spaghetti, cakes, waffles, calamari, and many more.

6. Jemahdi Seafood

Jemahdi Seafood

This restaurant in Jakarta looks more like a home, making the concept displayed here to enjoy a variety of seafood dishes. Located in Pluit, Pantai Indah Kapuk and Pesanggrahan are used as a place to express their love for fresh seafood dishes cooked directly from the hands of professional chefs.

7. Kemang Food Festival

Kemang Food Festival

A place to eat in the city of Jakarta that is friendly enough for teenagers, both students and students, is like a food court that serves a variety of culinary menus at affordable prices. The peak of the crowd in this area starts at 19.00 especially if there will be live music on weekends.

8. Sengoku Noodle

Sengoku Noodle

Sengoku Noodle offers dining on the popular Indah Kapuk beach. Sengoku Noodle provides a menu that starts from IDR 30,000. You can enjoy a portion of ramen which is equipped with indoor and outdoor dining areas. However, Sengoku Noodle which is located on Pantai Indah Kapuk is predominantly made from processed pork.

9. Social House

Social House

Social House is a place to eat in Jakarta that can be said to be expensive, but if you want to meet your idol artists, come here quickly. Because this restaurant presents views of the city of Jakarta and serves its flagship drink, namely homemade grandma’s ice lemon tea. And complementary snacks that must be ordered, such as capricciosa pizza and grilled ribs covered in green chili sauce.

10. Grill Sandwich

Grilled Sandwich

The grilled sandwich makes us feel a different sensation when eating sandwiches at Puri Indah. At this restaurant in Jakarta, favorite menus are served such as smoked beef sandwich with egg and cheese, beef black pepper sandwich and tuna sandwich. Guaranteed tongue will sway!

11. Kwetiaw Akang

Kwetiaw Akang

This white noodle with a chewy but still soft texture is known as kwetiaw. Kwetiaw Akang has many branches including in Cengkareng, Muara Karang, Mangga Besar, Pondok Indah, and Kelapa Gading. No need to worry about the taste in each branch, because we can only enjoy the delicious taste sensation for Rp. 30,000.00.

12. Kwetiaw Cow 78 Mangga Besar

Kwetiaw Cow 78 Mangga Besar

A roadside dining place in Jakarta with a very simple concept but it won’t look simple if you have tasted beef kwetiaw which has become a culinary legend in Jakarta, and several other menus such as noodles and vermicelli filled with seafood, beef, chicken, vegetables, and others. . Choose a seat close to the front door, because you will feel a stuffy atmosphere if you sit on the inside. This cheap Jakarta culinary tour is a favorite for Jakartans who want to enjoy delicious and cheap dishes.

13. Martabak Boss

Martabak Boss

One of the best foods to try to eat with family is Martabak Bos. Sweet martabak and egg martabak have become familiar snacks in Jakarta, but here will offer nutella martabak, duren martabak, skippy martabak, pineapple martabak, ovomaltine martabak, toblerone martabak, and pandan martabak as other martabak variations. Come before 6pm because if you come past 6pm you might have to queue for an hour to get your order. The unique thing is that this martabak shop is not in a cart, but the shop is designed like a yellow ship container complete with a caricature image.

14. Holycow Steak

Holycow Steak

This restaurant in Jakarta serves a steak menu with various kinds of sauces and the level of doneness that visitors want. Now there is good news for those of you who have a birthday, you will get a free portion of steak by showing evidence in the form of ID card and using the crown that has been prepared from Holycow. Holycow Steak can also be found in other cities such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Jakarta.

15. Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma's

Tasty grilled ribs or super duper delicious steak in Jakarta? Immediately go to Gandaria City, Puri Indah and Thamrin which serve a portion of grilled ribs cooked from the best selection of ingredients and secret recipes that are undoubtedly delicious. One portion of grilled ribs can indeed be categorized as expensive, but if you have eaten one slice of grilled ribs, it will definitely be very understandable at the price that is priced. Remember that price takes its form. Guaranteed not to disappoint the tongue of grilled ribs lovers.

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