15 Bandung City Culinary Options For Dining With Family, The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot – Bandung City is one of them tourist destination which is very famous in West Java. There are many tourist attractions here including shopping tours, so it’s no wonder that every day many tourists invade Bandung from various regions. If you are stopping by in the city of Bandung, don’t forget to try the culinary menus in the city of Bandung that are appetizing. Food in Bandung is very diverse, some are luxurious, there are also places to eat in Bandung that are delicious and cheap. No need for further ado for blusukan in Bandung, then finish the menu culinary Bandung which is famous for being delicious, let’s take a peek at the following places:

Tasty and Cheap Places to Eat in Bandung

1. Cisangkuy Yogurt

Yogurt Cisangkuy

Derived from fermented milk, it produces a healthy sour taste served with a wide selection of flavors and fruit toppings that will suit the taste you ordered. This place to eat in Bandung costs IDR 9,500.00 for a serving of yogurt and don’t forget the complementary menus such as fried sausage, french fries, dumplings, batagor, and others.

2. The Valley Bistro Cafe

The Valley Bistro Cafe

The valley Bistro Cafe provides a food menu with food prices that are quite expensive because it starts from IDR 100,000.00 per portion, but you won’t regret it. Why ? Because at The Valley Bistro Cafe, apart from delicious food, you will be treated to a romantic Bandung atmosphere at night complete with torches and candles as the lighting. The Valley Bistro Cafe is one of the most popular romantic cafes in Bandung at night.

3. Broom stick

Broom stick

This Bandung Culinary Tour with the name Sapu Lidi is located in Lembang where there is an inn as well as a culinary place that serves Sundanese, Indonesian, and European food with a saung concept near a stretch of rice fields. Recently, Sapu Lidi has become one of Bandung’s famous culinary delights because of the uniqueness it displays.

4. Maja House

Maja House

This Bandung City Culinary Tour Maja House, which is located in the same area as Stevie G, not only provides seats but also mattresses and blankets for visitors who cannot stand the cold of Lembang. Spaghetti and steak are the mainstays of the restaurant on Jalan Sersan Bajuri Number 72.

5. Pino Pizza

Pino Pizza

The pizza offered starting at Rp. 45,000.00 is a sweet pizza topped with apple and banana. In addition, here are also available tuna salad, pasta carbonara, pasta aglio olio, oreo latte, and many others.

6. Tall Grilled Ribs

Tall Grilled Ribs

For those of you lovers of grilled ribs, you must try the grilled ribs which are soft, sweet, savory, and clean boneless served with warm rice and 3 choices of sprinkles such as cayenne pepper, tomatoes and shallots. The owner has a tall body so this place is known as Iga Bakar the Tall. The unique way of cooking is by boiling ribs for 3 hours and grilling them and then heating them in a pan made of clay, creating a new sensation in the taste of grilled ribs.

7. Nasi Kalong

Nasi Kalong

As the name suggests, Kalong rice, which will fill a hungry stomach at night. Located on Jalan RE Martadinata which opens at 7pm, visitors are willing to queue to get black rice, complete with more than 20 types of side dishes that can be selected. Black rice comes from brown rice cooked with kluwek, chilies, shallots, fried grated coconut, bay leaves, and other secret spices. If you are looking for a cheap Bandung culinary tour, this is one of them in Nasi Kalong. The food there is pegged at a price of between 20-30 thousand rupiah.

8. Cie Rasa Loom Buah Batu

Cie Rasa Loom Buah Batu

This restaurant in Bandung is open 24 hours with two floors and is a restaurant that relies on Acehnese noodles as the main menu. The owner of this restaurant is an Acehnese who named his restaurant Cie Rasa Loom which means try to taste it again.

9. Kampung Daun

Kampung Daun

Eating typical Indonesian food with an atmosphere in the countryside makes this culinary place offer a thick romantic atmosphere at night. Menus that you can order include surabi, batagor, liwet rice, grilled carp, timbel rice, and others.

10. Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe

Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe

A restaurant that looks like a classic house provides menu options such as chicken taragon, mushroom tongue rice, grilled pizza, pasta, to local dishes. You can also use WiFi for free. Bandung culinary tonight is one of the favorites to visit with your friends or family.

11. The King of Taste

King of Taste

A seafood and Sundanese restaurant on Jalan Setra Ria that offers a menu of kale hotplate, royal sauce prawns, jimbaran grilled carp, fried squid, krapu keca sauce, and others.

12. The Peak

The Peak

So if you want a romantic place to eat in Bandung, The Peak is the place. The Peak provides a dining location at an altitude of more than 1200 meters and offers menus starting from IDR 20,000.00 – IDR 50,000.00 with a variety of steaks on offer and a panoramic view of Bandung at night.

13. Atmosphere Resort Cafe

Atmosphere Resort Cafe

The location is indeed in Bandung, but the concept is like in Bali and serves European specialties, namely steak which is his favorite menu.

14. Paskal Food Market

Paskal Food Market

Complete with 100 food vendors from Bandung specialties to food all over the world are here. The room is deliberately open so that Bandung’s famous cool air can be felt. Just bring IDR 10,000.00 and you can enjoy delicious food, because here you won’t be wasteful to taste delicious foods. The open concept but still accentuating the romantic side is poured in the fortune pool and lights and torches which are made more supportive of the romantic atmosphere. There are various kinds of Bandung culinary specialties that you can try here and served in one location only.

15. Sausage house

Sausage House

The concept that is carried is ‘eat, swim, play’ making it a friendly place for all people to be enjoyed to enjoy while culinary. The menu is not far from the sausage-based menu, and other menu options that are no less delicious include fried rice, liwet rice, chicken katsu, and many others. In this recreation area as well as a culinary spot, it offers several rides for games at different prices, such as mini golf, sausage boats, swimming pools, perverted alleys, and so on.

Those are some of the famous Bandung culinary recommendations and have become subscribers of tourists from all over the country. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs in Bandung which are also very interesting. Happy holiday.