12 Tourist Attractions in Wonosobo Regency Apart from Dieng Plateau, the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Wonosobo Regency is a district in Central Java which has an area that is dominated by hills. This is because this area is surrounded by several large mountains, namely Mount Sindoro, Sumbing and the Dieng Plateau. Wonosobo Regency is directly adjacent to Temanggung and Magelang Regencies in the East, Purworejo Regency in the South, Kebumen and Banjarnegara Districts in the west and also Batang and Kendal Regencies in the north.
Talking about tourism in Wonosobo Regency, it will not be separated from the Dieng Plateau Tourism Area or the Dieng Plateau. Dieng Wonosobo, Central Java Tourism itself is actually divided into two districts, namely Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regencies. In this article, we will not discuss tourism in the Dieng Plateau but will discuss other tourism potentials in Wonosobo besides the Dieng Plateau. You can find a list of tourist attractions in the Dieng Plateau in the following article: 12 most attractive tourist attractions in the Dieng Plateau.

12 Tourist Attractions in Wonosobo Apart from Dieng Plateau

Here are 12 tourist attractions in Wonosobo Regency apart from Dieng Plateau

1. Tambi Tea Plantation

Tambi Tea Plantation

Considering the geographical conditions, which have lots of hills, the area in Wonosobo is very suitable for growing tea. One of the tea gardens in Wonosobo is the Tambi Tea Plantation, which is located in Tambi Village, Kejajar Wonosobo District. The tourist location of Wonosobo tea garden is on the Wonosobo-Dieng route, so those of you who intend to visit Dieng can visit this Tambi Tea Plantation first. The view that is presented in the Tambi Tea Plantation is a green and cool tea plantation and a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The area of ​​Tambi Tea Plantation itself is around 800 ha. In this place, visitors can carry out Tea Walking activities in the plantation area.

2. Lake Menjer

Menjer Lake

Menjer Lake is a lake located in Menjer Village, Garung District, Wonosobo Regency, which is one of Wonosobo’s natural attractions. Wonosobo Tourism Telaga Menjer is about 12 km from Wonosobo City towards the Dieng Plateau. Menjer Lake is a lake formed by volcanic processes and is located at an altitude of 1300 masl on the slopes of Mount Pakuwaja. Telaga Menjer area itself is 70 hectares and a depth of up to 45 meters. Around Menjer Lake, there are hills with some green pine plants that add to the beauty of Menjer Lake, Wonosobo.

3. Wadaslintang Reservoir

Wadaslintang Reservoir

Wadaslintang Reservoir was built during the New Order government which aims as a means of irrigation in Wonosobo Regency, Kebumen and its surroundings. Besides being used as a means of irrigation, Wadaslintang Reservoir is also used as a hydropower plant. On holidays, many domestic tourists visit the Wadaslintang Reservoir, because the scenery is indeed very good. In addition to enjoying the scenery there are also those who use the reservoir as a fishing spot. The location of the Wadaslintang Reservoir itself is on the border of Kebumen and Wonosobo, its tepanya is in Wadaslintang District, Wonosobo Regency.

4. Rafting Serayu

Serayu Rafting

Serayu River crosses several regions in Central Java, one of which is Wonosobo Regency. Serayu River’s very fast flow is very suitable when used as a location for rafting or rafting. Therefore, in several places in Wonosobo it is used as a location for rafting activities. To be able to do rafting on the Serayu River Wonosobo you have to form a team, because it is impossible to be alone. You can choose various kinds of adventur rafting tour packages on the Serayu Wonosobo River with different facilities. The starting location for rafting is usually from the Krasak Wonosobo Bridge.

5. Sikarim Waterfall

Sikarim Waterfall

Sikarim Waterfall can be said to be a hidden tourist spot in Wonosobo Regency. To reach the location of Sikarim Waterfall, visitors must first pass through the bush. However, when you arrive at the location, you will be treated to a beautiful view of a waterfall with the background of the Sikunir hill. This waterfall has a height of 4 meters. If you are interested, you can visit Mlandi Village, Garung District, Wonosobo, Central Java.

6. Curug Winong

Winong waterfall

One more natural beauty in Wonosobo Regency that is still virgin and has not been touched by humans, namely Curug Winong. Indeed, the name of this waterfall is still less famous than in Dieng, but actually this Curug Winong has a panorama that is no less interesting. Wonosobo waterfall tourism, Curug Winong is a waterfall in Wonosobo Regency which has clear water and flows in a steep descent in the form of black rocks. The scenery in this waterfall is so beautiful that many visitors want to take pictures at this waterfall. The location of Curug Winong itself is in Winongsari Village, Kaliwiro District, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java.

7. Kalianget Hot Spring

Kalianget Hot Spring

The Kalianget Hot Spring is located on Jalan Raya Wonosobo – Dieng, precisely at Km 3, Kalianget Village, Wonosobo Regency. Kalianget Wonosobo tourist water bath is quite easy to recognize because it is on the path to Dieng Plateau tourism. We know that in the Dieng Plateau area, there are many phenomena that originate from volcanic activity. One of these volcanic activities is also found far from the Dieng Plateau itself, namely in the Kalianget Hot Springs, where there are natural hot springs. This Wonosobo hot spring tour in the form of the Kalianget Hot Spring contains sulfur which is believed to cure various skin diseases. If you are interested in coming to this tourist site, you don’t need to worry because this place has been well developed, even the parking lot is very large.

8. Mangli Swimming Pool

Mangli Swimming Pool

Swimming using natural springs will give a fresh and comfortable impression. Unlike when swimming in a swimming pool that uses processed water, you will certainly be disturbed by the unpleasant smell of chlorine. You can find swimming with natural springs at the Mangli Swimming Pool, Wonosobo Regency. For Wonosobo residents, this Mangli Swimming Pool is certainly no stranger, because its location is still in the Wonosobo City area. This pool on Sundays and holidays is visited by many tourists, most of whom are still from Wonosobo itself. Mangli Swimming Pool is perfect for spending holidays with your beloved family.

9. Sewu Hole

Sewu Hole

Wonosobo Lobang Sewu tourism is currently a trend in society. Sewu hole has a view like the Grand Canon in Colorado, United States. But the difference is that in Wonosobo the cliffs are originally from limestone. This limestone is found in the Wadaslintang Reservoir Area. The clusters of limestone cliffs form so many holes that the local community named it Lobang Sewu. Because of its beauty, finally many visitors come to see and take pictures in the Sewu Wonosobo area. The location itself is in Erorejo Village, Wadaslintang District, Wonosobo Regency, which is one of the newest Wonosobo tours.

10. Tirta Ria Tembelang Swimming Pool

Tirta Ria Tembelang Swimming Pool

When the holidays arrive, don’t forget to invite your children to swim in the Tirta Ria Tembelang Wonosobo Swimming Pool. Tirta Ria Tembelang Swimming Pool, located not far from Wonosobo City, offers a swimming pool that is equipped with various kinds of water games which of course will be very fun for our children. The location of the Tirta Ria Tembelang swimming pool is on Jalan Kertek-Wonosobo, Tembelang Village, Wonosobo District, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java.

11. Tea Garden and Tanjungsari Swimming Pool

Tea Garden and Tanjungsari Swimming Pool

Apart from the Tambi Tea Plantation, Wonosobo also has another Wonosobo agro tourism with a view that is no less beautiful than the Tambi Tea Plantation, namely the Tunjungsari Tea Plantation. Tunjungsari Tea Plantation is in Sapuran District, which can be reached via the Salaman Magelang route to Wonosobo. If you have arrived, you will definitely know because the location is on the side of the road. At Ebun Tunjungsari Tea, besides there is a beautiful view of the tea garden, a water boom and garden are also built.

12. Climbing Mount Sindoro and Sumbing

Climbing Mount Sindoro and Sumbing

Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing are two mountains that are widely used as mountain climbing locations for hikers and nature lovers. Mount Sindoro and Sumbing are on the border of Temanggung and Wonosobo Regencies. In this article we will discuss climbing Mount Sindoro and Sumbing through the route in Wonosobo Regency. To climb Mount Sindoro, the most common route is the route via Kledung and Sigedang. The Sigedang line is located in Sigedang Village, Tambi District, Wonosobo Regency. The Sigedang route has a very special view because it passes through a very beautiful tea garden. To reach the village of Sigedang from the direction of Wonosobo, you can take a bus heading for Dieng, get off at the Rejosari T-junction heading to Tambi. For climbing Mount Sumbing, climbers usually take the route at Garung Wonosobo, Cepit Temanggung and Mangli Magelang. The Garung climbing route is arguably the busiest. To climb Mount Sumbing via this route you have to take a route of about 7 km and can be reached in normal time around 7-8 hours. The thing to remember is that climbing mountains wherever you are, requires special skills. Therefore, try to climb the mountain by forming a group and someone must be experienced on the mountain so you don’t get lost.

Thus was earlier 12 Tourist attractions in Wonosobo Regency Apart from the Dieng Plateau. After traveling around Wonosobo Regency, don’t forget to taste Wonosobo’s culinary specialties, namely Ongklok Noodles and Beef Satay. Ongklok noodles have a delicious taste especially eaten while it’s still warm.