12 Tourist Attractions in Semarang City That Are Attractive To Visit, The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Have you ever been to Semarang? Semarang City is the capital of Central Java Province. Semarang City is included in one of the big cities in Indonesia. The city of Semarang is famous for its Simpang Limanya, where this place has become an icon of the city of Semarang. In the world of education, the city of Semarang is also taken into account, namely the existence of Diponegoro University which is the destination of studying for people throughout Indonesia.

In the world of tourism itself, Semarang City has a variety of tourist attractions that you deserve to try when visiting Semarang City. Among the tourist attractions in the city of Semarang, there are nature tourism, religious tourism, historical tourism and others. In this discussion, we will present 12 tourist attractions specifically in the city of Semarang. Meanwhile, we will discuss the tourist attractions in Semarang Regency in a separate article. The following is 12 tourist attractions in the city of Semarang that are interesting to visit.

12 Top Tourism in Semarang City, Central Java

1. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

Semarang Lawang Sewu Tourism is a tourism icon in the very historical city of Semarang. It is named Lawang Sewu because this ancient building has so many doors and windows that people call it Lawang Sewu, despite the fact that there are not a thousand doors in Lawang Sewu. The Lawang Sewu building was included in a mystery program on a national television, so that it added to the fame of the Lawang Sewu tourist spot. The Lawang Sewu building itself is actually the office of the Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS which was completed in 1907. After Indonesia became independent, this building was functioned by the Indonesian government as the office of the Republic of Indonesia Railroad Agency (DKARI) or now PT Kereta Api Indonesia. This building was abandoned, but was later successfully restored and is currently a museum managed by PT. Indonesian Railways.
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2. Central Java Grand Mosque (MAJT)

Central Java Grand Mosque (MAJT)

This tourist spot in Semarang is unique, although this building is actually a mosque for worship, it can also be used as a tourist spot. That’s because in this area visitors can see a magnificent mosque with a very charming architecture. The area of ​​the Grand Mosque of Central Java is 10 hectares where the main building area in the form of a mosque is 7669 square meters. The mosque architecture itself is a blend of Javanese and Greek styles. If you visit the Central Java Grand Mosque, besides being able to worship, you can visit the Central Java Islamic Development Museum located at Asmaul Husna Tower. In this tower there is also a restaurant on the 18th floor where from inside this restaurant you can see the beauty of Semarang City from above. If you want to stay overnight, you can also stay at the Graha Agung Hotel which is located in the same area as the Central Java Grand Mosque.

3. Water Blaster Bukit Candi Golf

Water Blaster Bukit Candi Golf

The tourist destination of the Bukit Candi Golf Water Blaster or often referred to as the Semarang Water Blaster is a water tourism spot that is in great demand for traveling with family. In this place provides various kinds of water rides which are of course very fun. There are 8 water rides in the Semarang Water Blaster. One of the favorite rides here is the 230-meter sliding track with a twisting and winding track so that it can stimulate adrenaline. Not only water games are provided at Water Blaster Semarang, but also flying fox with a height of 23 meters and a length of 105 meters. The location of the Semarang Water Blaster itself is on Jalan Bukit Candi Golf No. 1 Semarang.

4. Mangkang Zoo

Mangkang Zoo

This tourist attraction in Semarang is also one of the leading tourism objects in the city of Semarang. Mangkang Zoo has various names, the official name itself is Taman Marga Satwa Semarang, but people are more familiar with Semarang Zoo, Mangkang Zoo or Bonbin Mangkang because of its location in the Mangkang area. In 2014, Taman Marga Satwa Semarang recorded 52 species of animals. Traveling to Mangkang Zoo is an excellent alternative because we can enjoy recreation while educating our children about various kinds of animals and the importance of preserving the animals.



PRPP stands for Development Promotion and Fair Development, an area that is built as a means to show the various achievements of the Development of Central Java Province. At the PRPP location there is also Puri Maerokoco, where Puri Maerokoco is one of the best educational tours for school-age children. At Puri Maerokoco, visitors can see various kinds of platforms from various districts in Central Java. Each pavilion displays the uniqueness of each district. In addition to recreation, PRPP is also used as a venue for exhibition events at regional, national or international scale, important company events (celebrations), wedding receptions etc.

6. Wonderia


The next Semarang tour that we will discuss is the Wonderia Semarang recreation park. Wonderia Semarang offers a family tour with a variety of games that are very suitable for children, such as Merry Go Round, Kiddy Boat, Super Rally, Boom Boom Car, Space Gyro, Ghost House, and Typhoon Coaster etc. During the holiday season, of course, many families and groups come to this place because besides the cheap ticket prices, the games provided are also very fun. If you are interested in coming to Wonderia Semarang, you can come to the address of Wonderia Recreation Park on Jalan Sriwijaya 29, Semarang City.

7. Maron Beach

Maron Beach

Semarang City is one of the cities located on the coast of the Java Sea, which makes this city has several beaches that can be used as recreation for local residents. One of the beaches in Semarang is Maron Beach. This beach is close to Ahmad Yani Airport. To reach it, you have to be extra careful because the road to this tourist location is still compacted and bumpy land. This causes difficulties for visitors who bring private cars. So our advice if you want to visit this place is better by using a motorbike or bicycle. Many Semarang residents take a cycling holiday and then enjoy the beauty of Maron Beach in Semarang City.
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8. Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Another beach tourism in Semarang is Marina Beach. If Maron Beach is close to Ahmad Yani Airport, Marina Beach is adjacent to the PRPP Complex. Besides enjoying its natural beauty, visitors can also take a boat around the area around Marina Beach and can also fish. The Marina Beach tourist spot is also included in one of the alternative tours for residents of Semarang City and its surroundings.

9. Catfish Park tourism village

Catfish Park tourism village

Another tourist destination in the city of Semarang is the Catfish Park Tourism Village. Taman Lele was previously a zoo which was originally located in Tegalwareng. In 1985 the zoo was moved to 2 different locations, namely the Tinjomoyo Tourist Park and the present Catfish Park. The zoo in Tinjomoyo itself was then moved again to the Mangkang Zoo. Named Catfish Park because in ancient times there was a very large banyan tree. Under this tree, there are springs with lots of fish. At the location of Kampung Lele, tourists can enjoy an artificial lake surrounded by gazebos, swimming pools, mini zoos etc.

10. Watugong Buddhagaya Pagoda

Watugong Buddhagaya Pagoda

This Semarang tourism is one of the unique tours in the city of Semarang, namely the Watugong Buddhagaya Temple. Basically this Vihara is a place of worship for Buddhists. However, apart from worshiping the monastery, it is also opened for the general public if they wish to see it. In this Vihara, there is the Avalokitesvara Pagoda which has become an icon of this Vihara. The Avalokitesvara Pagoda at Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong Semarang has been designated by MURI as the tallest Pagoda in Indonesia with a height of 45 meters and has 7 levels. Inside the pagoda there are several statues such as the Goddess Kwan Im Statue, the Buddha Statue etc.
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11. Sam poo kong temple

Sam poo kong temple

Sam Po Kong Temple or also known as Gedung Batu is a historical place. This place is believed to be the landing place for the famous admiral from China, Admiral Cheng Ho, when he visited Java Island in the 1400s. Besides being immortalized in the form of the Sam Poo Kong Temple, Admiral Cheng Ho’s landing event was also held a celebration which was held by holding a procession which started at Tay Kak Sie Temple in Gan Lombok then continued parading the Sam Poo Kong Statue to Gedong Batu.

12. The Old City of Semarang

Old City of Semarang

The last tourist spot in the city of Semarang that we will discuss here is the Old City of Semarang. In this area, there are many kinds of ancient buildings from the Dutch colonial government. The existence of the Old City shows that the city of Semarang has long been the center of the economy and center of government. Some of the quo buildings that are still standing firmly are Bank Mandiri, Sraya Life Insurance, Praoe Lajar Cigarette Factory, Tawang Station, Blenduk Church and Polder Air Tawang. To further add to the sensation of enjoying the exoticism of the Old City of Semarang, now a tourist bus is available that is ready to take you around enjoying the Old City of Semarang. This tourist bus is named Semarjawi, which stands for Semarang Jalan-Wisata. This bus has been operated since October 28, 2014 by PT Telekomunikasi Selular and was inaugurated by the Mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi.
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Thus was a brief explanation of tourist attractions in the city of Semarang. The city of Semarang, which has a long history, deserves to be your tourist destination with your family when the holidays arrive. In this place you will find lots of very historic buildings which have very high historical and exotic values. Oh yes, besides getting around in the city of Semarang, you can also tour around Tourist attractions in Semarang Regency.
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