12 Tourist Attractions in Purworejo You Must Visit, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Purworejo Regency is one of the districts in Central Java which is located on the southern route of Java Island. Purworejo Regency is bordered by Wonosobo Regency and Magelang Regency in the north, then it is bordered by Yogyakarta Province in the east, South Coast in the south and also Kebumen Regency in the west. If you often travel from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, you must be very familiar with this Regency. Purworejo Regency is located between Kebumen and Kulon Progo Regencies.

12 Tourist Attractions in Purworejo You Must Visit

Purworejo Regency has tourism potential that is no less than the surrounding districts. Here we will convey Tourist attractions in Purworejo Regency which you deserve to make a vacation spot with your loved ones.

1. Jatimalang Beach Purworejo

Jatimalang Beach Purworejo

Purworejo Regency has an area bordering the Indian Ocean so that there are several beaches that are used as quite famous tourist destinations. one of the beach tours in Purworejo is Jatimalang beach. This patai has brown sandy beaches and has a large area. In this tourist spot, you can enjoy the beautiful wide stretch of beach sand and the waves are quite strong. Besides that, you can also taste the fun of playing ATV provided by the local people.

2. Ketawang Beach Purworejo

Ketawang Beach Purworejo

Another beach in Purworejo Regency is Panta Ketawang. This Purworejo Beach Tour is located not far from the city center, which is only about 22 km away. Ketawang Beach is still rarely visited in Purworejo, so the conditions are still beautiful and comfortable. If you are interested, you can visit Ketawang Beach, which is in Ketawang Village, Grabag District, Purworejo Regency, Central Java.

3. Pasir Puncu Purworejo Beach

Pasir Puncu Beach, Purworejo

Another beach tourist spot in Purworejo is Pasir Puncu Beach. Pantai Pasir puncu in Purworejo can be said to be a tourist spot in Purworejo which is still quiet and poorly maintained. This is also an advantage because if you visit the Puncu Purworejo sand beach you can play as much as you want without being disturbed by other people.

4. Goa Seplawan Purworejo

Seplawan Purworejo Cave

Not only tourist attractions in the form of beaches, Purworejo also has the potential for cave tourism. The cave in Purworejo is Goa Seplawan. In Seplawan Purworejo Cave, you can see beautiful ornaments on the cave walls. Seplawan Cave is in the middle of a beautiful and beautiful pine forest. Seplawan Purworejo cave is about 700 meters long and 15 meters wide. Purworejo Tourism Location Seplawan Cave is in Donorejo Village, Kaligesing District, Purworejo Regency.

5. Curug Silangit Purworejo

Purworejo Silangit waterfall

There are lots of natural attractions in Purworejo, including the Silangit Waterfall. Curug Silangit offers a beautiful waterfall with a height of about 30 meters. The water is clear and the surroundings are still beautiful with many trees growing. The location of Purworejo Silangit Waterfall is in Somongari Village, Kaligesing District, Purworejo Regency.

6. Curug Muncar Purworejo

Curug Muncar Purworejo

Apart from Curug Silangit, Purworejo Tourism in the form of natural tourism, it turns out there is still more, namely Curug Muncar. This Muncar waterfall is quite high, which is about 40 meters. To reach this Muncar waterfall you have to walk along the road or trekking for about 30 minutes. Along this trip you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around. If you are interested, you can go directly to Curug Muncar which is in Kaliwungu Village, Bruno District, Purworejo Regency.

7. Tawing Purworejo waterfall

Tawing Purworejo waterfall

Curug tawing comes from the word “curug” which means waterfall, on the other hand “tawing” is a word which means cliff. So that the tawing waterfall alone can be called a waterfall that flows through the cliff. has a height of about 100 m along with water that flows clearly causing this waterfall to be quite stunning to visit. clean without waste makes this waterfall natural. Located in a hilly area, the waterfall which is located in the Tlogoguwo hamlet, Kaligesing offers the sensation and comfort of water flowing directly from the spring in Anjani Cave. the fast movement of the water that flows continuously causes tourists to enjoy the splash of water at any time. This natural tourist destination in the western part of the incised mountains is worth a try. Besides, there is no fee or postal levy in that area, so it gives visitors the heart to be able to enjoy this waterfall whenever they want.

8. The Peak of Geger Hill in Menjangan Purworejo

The peak of the Geger Hill at Menjangan Purworejo

This Purworejo tourist spot offers a beautiful view of the city of Purworejo from the top of the hill. This hill is the Bukit Geger Menjangan which is located not far from the City of Purworejo. But to get to this peak you have to climb hundreds of steps to the top of Geger Menjangan Hill. After arriving at the top of the hill there is a building in the form of a pavilion which is used as a viewing post. From up there, enjoy the beautiful view of Purworejo City from above.

9. Forest Tourism Kusumo Asri Purworejo

Kusumo Asri Purworejo Tourism Forest

In Purworejo Regency there is also a tourist forest that you can visit with your family. Touring the forest tourism is certainly very useful. Besides being able to enjoy the cool forest atmosphere, you can also teach our children about the importance of forests for our lives. At Huatan Kusumo Asri Purworejo tour also provided camping ground and also outbound. The location of this beautiful Kusumo tourism forest is in Mayungsari Village, Bener District, Purworejo Regency.

10. Tosan Aji Purworejo Museum

Tosan Aji Purworejo Museum

Want to find cultural tourism in Purworejo? There, namely the Tosan Aji Purworejo Museum. This museum is unique because it holds a lot of heirlooms that are believed to have mystical powers. We know that Javanese culture is closely related to the existence of supernatural powers that exist in objects or weapons. The heirloom objects or Tosan Aji in this museum are in the form of kris, sword, spear, and others. The location of the Purworejo Tosan Aji Museum is very easy to reach because it is in the center of Prworejo city, precisely to the south of Purworejo City Square.

11. Purworejo Great Mosque Purworejo

Purworejo Great Mosque Purworejo

Almost every district city center in Java Island has a Grand Mosque. Likewise in Purworejo Regency, has the Great Mosque of Purworejo. This mosque is located in downtown Purworejo. There is something interesting about this Purworejo Great Mosque, namely the existence of a large drum with a diameter of 2 meters. This drum is called the Bedug Pendowo and is the biggest drum in the world. This drum was made in around 1800 AD. This giant drum is only used during holidays and also during the month of Ramadan.

12. Fort Pendem Purworejo

Pendem Purworejo Fort

Pendem Purworejo Fort is located in the hills of Dukuh Kaliwaru, Begelen District, Purworejo Regency. Pendem Fort is one of the relics of the Japanese colonial era. This fort was used as a defense to ward off attacks from the South Coast. Pendem Fort in Purworejo itself can be said to be a poorly maintained Purworejo tour. In fact, Pendem Fortress can be used as a potential historical tour for Purworejo.

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Thus was an article about 12 Tourist Attractions in Purworejo You Must Visit. Hopefully you can use the Purworejo tour list as information in determining where to spend next week’s vacation.