12 Tourist Attractions in Pemalang Most Interested in Visitors, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Pemalang Regency is a district in Central Java which is included in a row of districts in the Pantura area of ​​Central Java. Pemalang Regency is directly adjacent to Tegal Regency in the west and with Pekalongan Regency in the east. In the north, Pemalang Regency is directly facing the Java Sea, while in the south it is bordered by Purbalingga Regency. Pemalang Regency has a capital city in Pemalang City and is nicknamed the City of Ikhlas.

Pemalang Regency has several interesting tourist objects, therefore if you visit Pemalang Regency, take the time to stop by and enjoy various interesting Pemalang tourism objects. Here we select 12 Tourist attractions in Pemalang Most Interested Visitors.

12 Selected Tourism Pemalang Central Java

1. Widuri Beach

Widuri Beach

As stated above, Pemalang Regency is directly adjacent to the Java Sea so that there are several beaches in Pemalang. One of the famous beaches in Pemalang is Widuri Beach. This Widuri Beach Pemalang Tour is located not far from the city center of Pemalang which is about 3 km. Many tourists have a vacation to this beach because of its easy access and beautiful sea views. Many facilities are provided at Widuri Beach, such as a swimming pool, tennis court, entertainment stage, children’s games etc. In fact, reportedly on Widuri Beach a water boom will be built which will add to the liveliness of Widuri Beach in Pemalang.

2. Semugih Tea Plantation

Semugih Tea Plantation

To enjoy the beautiful scenery in the tea garden, you don’t have to come to the Puncak Bogor area. For residents of Pemalang and its surroundings, they can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the tea garden in Semugih Tea Plantation which is on the slopes of Mount Slamet, precisely in Sidamulya Village, Moga District, Pemalang Regency. Tourist attractions in Pemalang, Central Java, in the form of tea gardens, are visited by many residents around Pemalang who want to enjoy the fresh air typical of the mountains and beautiful views of the tea garden. Besides the view of the tea garden, you can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Slamet from a distance.

3. Sibedil waterfall

Sibedil waterfall

In addition to beach tourism in Pemalang, there are also natural attractions in the form of waterfalls, one of which is Curug Sibedil. This tour presents a beautiful natural panorama in the form of a 20 meter high waterfall with beautiful conditions. There are several versions of the naming of this Sibedil waterfall. The first version says that the name Sibedil was used because near this waterfall there is a stone that looks like a rifle or rifle. Another version says that at this waterfall on certain nights such as the Kliwon Friday Night, a gunshot sounds like a gunshot. If you are curious about the view in Curug Sibedil, you can come to Sima Village, Moga District, Pemalang Regency.

4. Blendung Beach

Blendung Beach

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a beach that is still quiet and away from the crowds, come to Blendung Beach Pemalang Tour. Blendung Beach is located in Blendung Village, Ulujami District, Pemalang Regency. This beach has not been developed much by the local government there, only managed by local residents. Not many facilities have been built so the atmosphere is more beautiful. Even so, if this beach is developed seriously, it might become a busy tourist spot.

5. Joko Tingkir Beach

Joko Tingkir Beach

Like Blendung Beach, there is another beach that has not been touched by many human crowds, namely Joko TIngkir Beach. Joko Tingkir Beach has an address at Nyamplungsari Village, Petarukan District, Pemalang Regency. On Joko TIngkir beach, it is fairly shady because there are trees growing around the beach. In addition, there are also several traders from local residents who sell food for the needs of visitors.

6. Pemalang Mangrove Forest

Pemalang Mangrove Forest

Besides being used as land conservation, mangrove forests can also be used as tourist attractions. Moreover, those who visit are children at school age, and can also be used as a means of education about the importance of mangroves on the beach. In Pemalang, there are quite extensive mangrove forests, one of which is in the Pemalang Mangrove Forest, which is located in Mojo Village, Ulujami sub-district, Pemalang district. This mangrove forest covers an area of ​​2350 hectares consisting of 410 hectares of mangrove plantations and 1940 for aquaculture.

7. Waterfall Dhuwur

Dhuwur waterfall

Pemalang Curug Dhuwur Tour is a hidden tour in Pemalang Regency. This tourist spot has not been visited by many tourists, only local residents who visit it because it is not as popular as other tourist attractions. The location of Curug Dhuwur itself is in Karang Pucung hamlet, Wanarata village, Bantarbolang sub-district, Pemalang district. Even though it is still quiet, this waterfall has a very stunning panorama and is not inferior to other waterfall in Pemalang.

8. Rafting on the Comal River

Rafting on the Comal River

Pemalang Regency is crossed by a large river, namely the Comal River. This large river can actually be used as a rafting route because it has a heavy current so that it can stimulate adrenaline for the participants. Rafting on the Comal River is a new tourist attraction in Pemalang because the bar just opened a few months ago. But because of the challenging rafting paths and beautiful scenery, this rafting on the Comal River has been visited by many tourists from various regions. If you are interested, you can visit the manager of the Comal River rafting on the Randudongkal-Moga highway, km 5. No. 99, Kecepit village, Randudongkal, Pemalang.

9. Curug Bengkawah

Bengkawah waterfall

This tourist attraction in Pemalang has not been visited by many tourists because of its relatively hidden location. Before getting to Curug Bengkawah you have to follow a 2 km long path. However, along the way, you can see beautiful natural scenery in the form of trees and people’s land. The location of Curug Bengkawah is in Sikasut Village, Belik District, Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

10. Lake Rengganis

Rengganis Lake

Lake Rengganis offers a natural view that is no less captivating than other Pemalang natural attractions. Pemalang Telaga Renganis Tourism Object has clear water and is in the middle of a beautiful pine forest. This small lake is located in Gapura Village, Watukumpul District, Pemalang Regency. When on vacation, this place is often visited by tourists who want to enjoy the view of this beautiful lake.

11. The Springs of Moga

Moga Springs

The geographical condition of Pemalang Regency which has lots of mountains causes the Pemalang Regency to find many springs in the mountains. One of the interesting springs to visit is Mata Air Moga. The water that comes out of the Moga Spring is then made into a swimming pool. The water from this Moga Spring is very clear and fresh, making this place much in demand. The Moga Spring is often known by the local community as Moga Baths and is part of the management of the Moga Indah Hotel.

12. Mount Mendelem

Mendelem Mountain

Mendelem Mountain is one of the mountains in Pemalang Regency. This mountain is not too high where the altitude is only 1454 meters above sea level so it is very suitable for those of you who are beginners in mountain climbing. Even so, to climb Mount Mendelem, you should still be with other people who are experienced in climbing, especially those who have climbed Mount Mendelem. Mount Mendelem has another name, namely Mount Jimat.

Thus, the 12 tourist attractions in Pemalang are the most attractive to visitors. Don’t forget to always protect the nature around the tourist sites so that our natural preservation will always be maintained.

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