12 tourist attractions in Pekalongan that are visited by many tourists, the most beautiful tourist spots – Pekalongan is the name of a regency and city in Central Java. Pekalongan City and Regency are located side by side, Pekalongan City is in the north, while Pekalongan Regency is in the south. Pekalongan Regency is directly adjacent to the Java Sea in the north, Batang Regency in the east, Bajarnegara Regency in the south and Pemalang Regency in the west. Pekalongan is one of the well-known centers for batik producers. Batik Pekalongan is one of the leading batik products from Central Java in addition to Batik Solo. Batik Pekalongan has been widely sold in various regions in Indonesia, besides that there are also many tourists from outside the region who bring these typical Pekalongan souvenirs as souvenirs. Besides being famous for its batik, Pekalongan is also famous for its famous tourist destinations. In this article, we will discuss several tourist attractions that are located both in Pekalongan City and those included in the administrative area of ​​Pekalongan Regency. Here are 12 Tourist attractions in Pekalongan which many tourists visit.

12 Pekalongan Central Java Tourism Options

1. Pasir Kencana Beach

Pasir Kencana Beach

Pekalongan City is one of the port cities on the coast of Java Island. This also causes the city of Pekalongan to have several potential coastal tourism objects to be used as tourist attractions. One of the beach attractions in Pekalongan City is Pasir Kencana Beach. This beach is located not far from Pekalongan City, which is only about 4 km from the center of Pekalongan City. Pasir Kencana Beach looks pretty neat because there is a stone barrier that has been built. In this Pasir Kencana Beach complex, a miniature seaword is also made in which there is an aquarium and a collection of marine life.

2. Slamaran Beach

Slamaran Beach

Pekalongan Tourism Slamaran Beach is located not far from Pasir Kencana Beach. The two are only separated by the Port. The scenery on Slamaran Beach is also almost similar to that of Pasir Kencana beach because at Slamaran Beach there is also a wave barrier built of stone. But the difference is that at Slamaran Beach, there is no marine tourism in the form of a miniature Sea World. On Slamaran Beach, there is a belief from the public about the existence of a beach “watchman”, namely Dewi Lanjar. At certain times, you may find visitors performing a ritual to honor this Lanjar Goddess.

3. Depok Beach

Depok beach

The next beach tour in Pekalongan is Depok Beach. Depok Beach offers a very exotic natural view in the form of an unspoiled beach and around it there are many palm trees. The waves at Pekalongan beach, Depok tourism object, are very calm, so it is suitable when used to swim together on the beach. Depok Beach is located in a village called Depok Village, Siwalan District, Pekalongan Regency.

4. Wonokerto Beach

Wonokerto Beach

One more beach tourist spot in Pekalongan that is worth visiting is Wonokerto Beach. Wonokerto Beach has its own beauty, namely a beautiful sunset. In addition, in the Wonokerto Beach area, there is also a fish auction. So if you are lucky, you can find many fish traders who sell fish directly caught from local fishermen. At certain times on this beach a Nyadran event is held as a form of gratitude for the fishermen for the abundant fishing results.

5. Curug Muncar

Muncar waterfall

There are lots of waterfalls found on this Java Island. Some of them have the same name. For example, in Pekalongan Regency there is a waterfall called Curug Muncar. This Pekalongan tourist destination, Curug Muncar, has the same name as the Muncar waterfall in Purworejo. Curug Muncar in Pekalongan is located at an altitude of 1,249 masl where in the vicinity there is a very exotic view of the slopes of Mount Rogojembangan. The location of this Muncar waterfall is precisely in the village of Curug Muncar, Petungkriyono District, Pekalongan Regency.

6. Squirrel waterfall

Squirrel waterfall

Not far from Curug Muncar, still in Petungkriyono District, there is another tourist attraction in the form of a waterfall, namely Curug Bajing. Curug Bajing is precisely located in Tlogopakis Village. This squirrel waterfall is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. The height of the waterfall itself is about 70 meters, five is not it? However, this tourist location in Pekalongan is still fairly natural, there has not been much development in this tour, so that not many visitors have arrived. Only local visitors from Pekalongan themselves arrived.

7. Hanoman Peak

Hanoman Peak

In Pekalongan Regency there is a mountain called Mount Kendalisodo. This mountain has a peak called Punca Hanoman with an altitude of 1,697 masl. It is not too high for the size of a mountain on the island of Java, but to climb Hanoman Peak is quite challenging because you have to pass through steep paths. Arriving at Punca Hanman you can enjoy the beautiful scenery complemented by the cool air.

8. Mount Rogojembangan

Mount Rogojembangan

Well, for those of you who like to climb mountains, besides Hanoman Peak on Mount Kendalisodo, you can also climb Mount Linnya in Pekalongan Regency, namely Mount Rogojembangan. Climbing Mount Rogojembangan can be started from Gumelem Village, Patungkriyono District, Pekalongan Regency. Mount Rogojembangan is a mountain located on the border of Pekalongan Regency and Banjarnegara Regency where its highest peak reaches 2,117 masl. Besides the beautiful scenery, on the slopes of Mount Rogojembangan you can also visit Muncar Waterfall which is on the slopes.

9. Linggo Asri Tourism Area

Linggo Asri Tourism Area

One of the destinations in Pekalongan which is also very well known as a family tour is the tourist area in Linggo Asri. There are various kinds of tour options offered in this tourist area such as rafting or rafting, flying fox, trekking, outbound, playground, mini zoo etc. The location of Linggo Asri which is in the hills adds to the cool and beautiful atmosphere. The Linggo Asri tourist area is located in Linggo Asri Village, Kajen District, Pekalongan Regency. Many people call it Linggo Asri with the abbreviation “LA”.

10. Lolong Tourism Village

Lolong Tourism Village

The next tourist spot in Pekalongan is the Lolong tourist village. Wisat Village can be categorized as adventure tourism because what is superior in Lolong Tourism Village is Rafting on the Singkarang river. The Singkarang River is a river that crosses Lolong Village, where this river has clear water and a fairly swift current. During the durian season, in Lolong Village, there are a lot of durians found because indeed in this village many people cultivate durian. If you are interested, you can try to come to Lolong Tourism Village, Karanganyar District, Pekalongan Regency.

11. Batik Museum

Batik Museum

As we said at the beginning, Pekalongan is famous for its typical Batik which is named Batik Pekalongan. Batik Pekalongan is a cultural heritage that has existed since long ago and was made from generation to generation to this day. Therefore, Pekalongan City is recognized as an International Batik City. Therefore, it is very reasonable if a Batik Museum was built in this city. Inside the Batik Museum in Pekalongan is stored a collection of 1149 batik as well as various kinds of objects related to batik including the tool for making batik itself.

12. International Batik Center

International Batik Center

After seeing various kinds of batik collections at the Batik Museum, it would be incomplete if you didn’t bring batik as a typical souvenir from Pekalongan. To get good items with various choices, you should try visiting the International Batik Center. At the International Batik Center, various kinds of Batik collections are sold, not only from Pekalongan itself but also batik collections from other regions such as Cirebon, Solo, etc. The location of the International Batik Center is on Jalan A Yani Number 573 Wiradesa, Pekalongan Regency.

That was the information about 12 tourist attractions in Pekalongan that many tourists visit. We are sure that the tourism potential in the City and Regency of Pekalongan is not only the 12 areas above. But of course there are many other Pekalongan tours which, if developed, can become tourist objects that are crowded with tourists.

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