12 Most Recent and Hits Tourist Attractions in Pangandaran – Have you prepared a list of tourist destinations that will be visited when the holiday season arrives? Well, if you want a different atmosphere and are looking for a place to get away for a while from the hustle and bustle of the city, why don’t you just go to tourist attractions in Pangandaran? There are many tourist attractions that are really worth visiting. Not only beach tourism, Pangandaran also has interesting and adrenaline-challenging places. Do not believe? Come on, take a full look at what tourist attractions in Pangandaran that you must visit, which we have summarized below. Before that, we need to say that Pangandaran is the name of a new Regency in West Java Province. Formerly this area, asuk in Ciamis Regency. In 2012 there was a regional expansion and finally Pangandaran become a separate district.

1. Cukang Taneuh

Cukang Taneuh

Travelers, maybe the name Cukang Taneuh is still a little strange to our ears. Because this place is better known as Green Canyon Pangandaran Tourism. Green Canyon can be one of the tourist attractions in Pangandaran which is being hit lately. No wonder because this natural tourist spot is guaranteed to make stress and confused thoughts disappear in an instant. By renting equipment in the form of a boat of IDR 150,000 for 5 people, you can immediately feel the natural atmosphere and cool air. Not only that, you can also enjoy the green scenery along the Cijulang River, both in the form of hills and rice fields. What’s more interesting is that this river will take you to ‘split’ the cave with amazing views of stalactites and stagmites. If you feel anxious, you can swim or dive in several safe spots. The water is cool and fresh, guaranteed to make you feel at home spending time at Cukang Taneuh.

2. Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach

Many say you don’t have a vacation to Pangandaran if you don’t stop by Pangandaran Beach Tour. No wonder, because Awareness is very identical to the beach which is often used as the location for sunrise and sunset hunting. This sloping beach also has soft white sand on the feet so that Pangandaran, which is the prima donna of tourists, is just right for a vacation with family. But, don’t swim too far from the shoreline, a traveler because sometimes the waves that come from the middle of the sea suddenly become ferocious. Instead, you can do other activities, such as jet skiing, sailing, cycling, going around the beach, or fishing. Isn’t it fun? Therefore, don’t you have to try it directly at Pangandaran, West Java Tourism immediately.

3. Batu Karas Beach

Batu Karas Beach

Another Pangandaran tour that is also popular among tourists is the Batu Karas Pangandaran Beach Tour. This place is also often used as a spot for surfing or surfing, you know. So, for those of you who like sports that challenge adrenaline, or want to learn to surf, Batu Karas Beach is a must-visit. Not only local tourists who play surfing, but high waves in Batu Karas also invite many foreign tourists. Here, you can learn to surf while accompanied by professional instructors. Now, after you’re satisfied surfing, you can take a break while waiting for the sunset. Really cool, right?

4. Keusik Luhur Pangandaran Beach

Keusik Luhur Pangandaran Beach

Travelers, if you want to enjoy a different beach atmosphere, the answer is in the Keusik Luhur beach tour. This spot has a view that is no less cool than other beaches in Pangandaran. Just imagine, in this place you can relax while watching the waves surrounded by mountains and blue oceans. This is the characteristic of Keusik Luhur Beach Tourism. So if you want to be narcissistic, you can go up to the top of the hill next to the beach. And from a height, this beach view becomes wider. Don’t forget to bring tongsis!

5. Santirah River Tubing Pangandaran

Santirah River Tubing Pangandaran

Travelers, another tourist destination in Pangandaran that challenges true adventurers is to do Santirah river tubing. In Pangandaran, you can pump your adrenaline with an exciting sensation while rafting. Only by using large tires, you can have fun and get soaked in the flow of the Santirah River. While tracing the river with its clear greenish water, you can as well ‘wash your eyes’ by enjoying the rice fields on the right and left of the river.

6. Mudal Pangandaran Well Cave

Mudal Pangandaran Well Cave

For those of you who like to explore the bowels of the earth, Sumur Mudal Cave can be a tourist attraction in Pangandaran, this must be visited. Even if you have traveled the world and explored caves in other places, the beauty of Pangandaran Tourism, Sumur Mudal Cave is equally charming. This can be seen in the presence of such clear springs. The shape is similar to a well with water that is ‘mudal’ or in Indonesian it means ‘boiling’. So, if you are curious about how beautiful it is, you can go to Pangandaran Tourism, the Sumur Mudal Cave.

7. Curug Bojong Pangandaran

Waterfall Bojong Pangandaran

After going to the beach and exploring the cave, then you can take a short trip to Curug Bojong. This waterfall or waterfall is actually called Curug Sawangan but more popularly known as Curug Bojong Pangandaran. In this place, you can take a break while enjoying the heavy splash of water from a height to the bottom of the pool of water below. This place is really worth a visit for those of you who really like adventure.

8. Saung Muara

Saung Muara

If you are on vacation with friends and want to spend time with a camper, you should visit Saung Muara. The cool air with its amazing natural scenery is guaranteed to make you enjoy the night atmosphere with the sprinkling of stars in the sky. Moreover, around this place there are mangrove forests that you can explore. For ‘city’ people who are always locked in with busy schedules and routines, here you can relax while watching the fishermen who are busy looking for fish. One more thing, don’t miss also waiting for the sunset and sunrise on the Pangandaran Saung Muara Tour.

9. Pangandaran Waterpark

Pangandaran Waterpark

The waterpark in Pangandaran is one of the favorite spots for families because in this place, even children and adults can enjoy various rides. Only by paying Rp. 15,000 – Rp. 25,000 per person, you can try out various facilities there, such as riding ATVs, slides, highrope, waterbom, or swimming. Pangandaran Tourism in the form of a Waterpark, located on the edge of Lembah Putri Beach, is also very suitable as a location for releasing fatigue.

10. Karapyak Pangandaran Beach

Karapyak Pangandaran Beach

Another interesting beach that must also be included in the list of Tourist Attractions in Pangandaran is Karapyak Beach. This beach is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a calm atmosphere and away from the impression of being crowded. But make no mistake, the natural impression and view of this beach are not inferior to other beaches in Pangandaran.

11. Pantai Batu Hiu Pangandaran

Batu Hiu Pangandaran Beach

Travelers, the name of this beach is quite unique, right? No need to be surprised, because the name Batu Hiu Beach is indeed taken from the presence of a rock in the middle of the sea with a shape like a shark. It is for this reason why the local people have named it that way. Well, if you want a wider view, you can go up to the top of the hill which is located around Batu Hiu Beach. From a height, you can see the natural panorama and the area around the beach that will amaze you.

12. Pangandaran Nature Reserve – Pananjung Beach

Pangandaran Nature Reserve

Travelers, Tourist attractions in Pangandaran not only about beaches and rivers that can be used to play rafting, you know. Pangandaran also has a nature reserve which is a habitat for flora and fauna. In this place, you can meet monkeys, deer and bulls. So, for those of you who like nature activities and environmentalists, Pangandaran Nature Reserve must be included in the list of must-visit tourist destinations. Moreover, here the location is close to Pananjung Beach which can be used as a spot for snorkeling.

Interesting are not the various tourist attractions in Pangandaran above? For that, don’t forget to schedule a vacation to Pangandaran Beach and its surroundings which are very stunning and also popular above. But it must be remembered, during the Covid-19 pandemic, you should still maintain health protocols while traveling to tourist attractions. Still remember 3 M, wearing a mask, keeping your distance and washing your hands. Hopefully this pandemic will pass quickly and we can all enjoy tourist attractions safely and comfortably. The 12 most recent tourist attractions in Pangandaran and the hits above are great to visit both with family and with your friends.