12 tourist attractions in Kebumen that are interesting to visit, the most beautiful tourist spots – Central Java is an area that has a myriad of very interesting and beautiful tourist objects. One of them is in Kebumen Regency. Kebumen Regency is a district in Central Java which is located at the southern tip of Java Island. Kebumen Regency is bordered by Banjarnegara Regency in the north, Banyumas Regency and Cilacap Regency in the west, Wonosobo Regency and Purworejo Regency in the east and borders the Indian Ocean in the south. Because it is bordered by the sea, there are several areas that have beaches and some of them have beautiful views so that they are developed into tourist attractions.

12 Tourist Attractions in Kebumen, Central Java

Kebumen has a rather hard soil texture and condition and hot weather. But even so, Kebumen Regency has many beautiful natural attractions. Tourist attractions in Kebumen and its surroundings have always been tourist destinations, especially when the holidays arrive. Apart from beach tourism, there are also caves, mountains, reservoirs and other tourist attractions that you can visit. For more details, here are 12 tourist attractions in Kebumen that are interesting to visit.

1. Father’s Beach

Dad's Beach

Ayah Beach is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Kebumen Regency. Ayah Beach has another name Logending Beach. Ayah Beach is visited by many tourists because of its beautiful view. On this father’s beach visitors can rent a boat and go around the beach while enjoying the view of the sea water and also the hills around the sea. In addition, Ayah Beach is also used as a Fish Landing Port so that at certain times you will find fishermen bringing fish from fishing. If you are interested, Ayah Beach visitors can buy fish from these fishermen. The location of Ayah Beach is in Ayah Village, Ayah Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency and is only 53 km from the center of Kebumen City.

2. Karangbolong Beach

Karangbolong Beach

Besides Ayah Beach, another interesting tourist spot in Kebumen is Karangbolong Beach. It is named Karangbolong because in this tourist attraction in Kebumen, there is a coral with a hole or hole. Karangbolong Beach has a view that is no less interesting than other tours. The coral cliffs around Karangbolong Beach have many swallow stops, so that many local residents hunt for swallow nests around the beach.

3. Menganti Beach

Menganti Beach

You can take this beach tourist spot from Gombong sub-district with a distance of approximately 40 km or to be precise in Karangduwur Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency. In this place, you can enjoy the sea view with cool air from the top of the lighthouse, which is in the tourist area. For those of you who are afraid of a height of up to 20 meters, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the view from the bottom or the shore. Which is certainly no less beautiful and enchanting.

4. Rowo Beach in Lembupurwo

Rowo Beach in Lembupurwo

This tourist spot in Kebumen is not as popular as other beaches, such as Ayah Beach, Menganti Beach and Karang Bolong Beach. However, Rowo Beach in Lembupurwo has a natural view of the beach which is also very beautiful and no less interesting. You will be satisfied after visiting it. Besides the beautiful scenery of black sand, in this coastal area in Kebumen, Central Java, there are also swamp lakes and shady pine trees around the coast. This Kebumen beach tour Rowo Beach is located in Lembupurwo Village, Mirit District, Kebumen Regency.

5. Goa Jatijajar

Jatijajar cave

Kebumen Regency is passed by karst mountains which are called the South Gombong Karst Area. This has resulted in the formation of several caves that are interesting to visit. One of the caves in Kebumen is Goa Jatijajar. Jatijajar Cave has an exotic view, which is a group of beautiful stalactids and stalagmites. Besides being able to see stalactids, tourists can also see the spring or spring in the cave. There are 4 springs in Jatijajar Cave namely Sendang Mawar, Kantil, Jombor and Sendang Puserbumi. Sendang Mawar is believed to have the property of being youthful, so that many visitors take the time to wash their faces at Sendang Mawar. This cave is associated with a legendary figure named Raden Kamandoko in the Lutung Kasarung story. This was then visualized in a diorama made in Goa Jatijajar. The location of tourist destinations in Kebumen, Goa Jatijajar itself is in Jatijajar Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency.

6. West Goa

West Goa

Not far from the tourist sites of Kebumen Goa Jatijajar there is another cave that is no less unique, namely West Goa. Visitors from West Goa are not as many as Goa Jatijajar because basically West Goa is an adventure tour. To navigate it requires special equipment and must be accompanied by a caving guide available at the West Goa location. To navigate the cave, each participant is charged 30 thousand per person and will get a helmet, shoes, flashlight etc. After entering the mouth of the cave you will be treated to a very beautiful cave view. Stagtids and stalagmites are lined up very beautifully. In West Goa there are also many waterfalls with various heights. The most famous of the falls is the swiftest which adventurers call superman’s Big Sister.

7. Goa Petruk

Petruk Cave

For those of you who like cave views, in Gombong besides Goa Jatijajar and West Goa there are also other caves that you can visit. The cave is Goa Petruk. The beauty and uniqueness of this tourist spot in Kebumen is that the cave has three floors. Among them are Basic Goa, Hindu Cave and the last one is Goa Petruk. For those of you who want to explore this cave to the end, don’t worry and be afraid, because in this tourist spot there is also a guide committee, who will always take you. The address for Kebumen Tourism, Goa Petruk, is in Mondoyono hamlet, Candirengga Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency.

8. Sempor Reservoir

Sempor Reservoir

Kebumen Regency has two reservoirs with beautiful views, namely Sempor Reservoir and Wadaslintang Reservoir. Kebumen Tourism Sempor Reservoir is located in Sempor Village, Sempor District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java. This reservoir has a beautiful view, namely the blue water of the reservoir and the scenery around the stir in the form of green hills. In the reservoir itself, you can rent a boat which can be used to get around the reservoir.

9. Padegolan Rafting

Padegolan Rafting

Not all areas have rafting tours because to make this tour a river with a strong current is needed. In Kebumen Regency there are adventure tourism objects in the form of rafting, namely Rafting on the Padegolan River. The Padegolan River is located downstream of the Wadaslintang Reservoir. As the starting point for rafting is in Sendang Dalem Village, Prembun District and ends at Pajengkolan Dam. Along the rafting flow you can see the beauty of the Padegolan river and the rows of trees along the river.

10. Gading Splash Water

Gading Splash Water

Gading Splash Water is a family tourist spot in Kebumen that is interesting to visit, especially for residents of Kebumen and its surroundings. Gading Splash Water is located in the center of Kebumen City, to be precise only 300 meters from Kebumen City Square. The design of the Gading Splash Water swimming pool is very artistic because there is a mixture of western and eastern cultures. In addition to the swimming pool, you and your family can enjoy various supporting facilities from cafes, minimarkets, fitness centers, etc.

11. Tourism Object of Mount Pranji

Mount Pranji Tourism Object

This tourist spot in Kebumen is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere in the mountains with your partner. This Mount Pranji tourist spot is located in Pengaringan and Watulawang villages. The view of this mountain will be beautiful when seen at night, this is because you will be presented with sparkling stars that seem to surround us. In addition, the reflection of light from the base of the mountain which is the lamp from the houses of the people will also increase the exoticism of the scenery.

12. Fort Van Der Wijk

Van Der Wijk Fortress

Besides being famous for its natural tourism, Kebumen Regency also has a historical tour, namely at Van Der Wijk Fortress. Fort Van Der Wijk is a very historic place because it is a safe legacy of the Dutch Colonial. The name Van Der Wijk is taken from a name on the door of the fort. Perhaps this name was the name of one of the commanders who led Fort Van Der Wijk at that time. Fort Van Der Wijk became famous because this location was once used as the location for a cool film from Indonesia, namely The Raid 2: Berandal. If you have ever watched a movie, you will definitely be familiar with this fort. Yes, this Van Der Wijk Fortress was used as a shooting location during the scene of the brawl in the prison.

Thus 12 Tourist attractions in Kebumen What is interesting to visit. We need to remind you that Kebumen Regency not only has the 12 tourism objects above, but there are many other tourist objects that are also worth visiting. Hopefully the information above can help add references to your tourist attractions with your family. Don’t forget when visiting Kebumen to buy some typical Kebumen souvenirs, namely in the form of sabum jenangs, lanthing, banana sales etc. Happy holidays and have a nice holiday.

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