12 Tourist Attractions in Blora Regency which are Famous for their Beautiful, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Bora is a regency in Central Java Province. Blora Regency in the north is bordered by Rembang and Pati Regencies, in the east it is bordered by Tuban and Bojonegoro Regencies, East Java, in the south by Ngawi Regency and to the west by Grobogan Regency. Blora Regency is known as a producer of high quality teak wood. This teak wood comes from teak forests which are mostly managed by Perhutani and also by the local community.

In the field of tourism itself, Blora Regency has several tourist attractions that are quite beautiful and become tourist destinations for tourists from various regions. Here are 12 Tourist attractions in Blora Regency the Famous Beautiful.

12 Most Famous Blora Central Java Tourism

1. Terawang Cave

Terawang Cave

The first tourist spot in Blora Regency that we will discuss here is Goa Terawang. Terawang Cave is a tourist spot in the form of a natural cave located on the edge of Jalan Todanan-Blora, Todanan District, Blora Regency. This cave is in the middle of a teak forest managed by Perhutani. The tourist area of ​​Terawang Cave has an area of ​​13 hectares in which there is one main cave which is rather large, 5 small caves and 1 spring. Terawang Cave is a tourist destination because of its uniqueness in the form of a cave that is naturally formed and has extraordinary views. Besides the cave, this tourist area has also built a children’s playground.

2. Bentolo Reservoir

Bentolo Reservoir

Other natural attractions in Blora Regency that you can visit are Bentolo Reservoir. Bentolo Reservoir in Blora is located not far from Goa Terawang so you can visit this place as well as Goa Terawang. Like other reservoirs, Bentolo Reservoir functions as a water storage facility which is then used to irrigate the rice fields around the reservoir. However, apart from being used for irrigation purposes, Bentolo Reservoir is also visited by many tourists who want to see the beauty of this famous reservoir in Blora Regency.

3. Reservoir Tempuran

Reservoir Tempuran

Apart from the Bentolo Reservoir, the reservoir in Blora Regency which is worthy of being used as a tourist spot for you with your family is the Tempuran Reservoir. This reservoir is visited by many tourists, especially those from areas around Blora such as Pati, Kudus, Rembang, Grobogan etc., especially during holidays. This reservoir has beautiful views and is a training location for rowing athletes, although for training only on certain days. Around the Tempuran Reservoir, you can enjoy a variety of Blora’s specialties that are sold in stalls owned by local residents

4. Greneng Reservoir

Greneng Reservoir

Blora Regency does have several reservoirs that are used as potential tourist attractions. Other natural tourism in the form of reservoirs in Blora is Greneng Reservoir. This reservoir is named after its location in Greneng, Tunjungan village, Tunjungan district, Blora regency. The distance of the Greneng Reservoir itself from the center of Blora City is about 12 km. The location of Greneng Reservoir is close to the Teak forest belonging to PErhutani, thus adding to the natural beauty of this Greneng Reservoir.

5. Mount Manggir

Mount Manggir

Well, one more natural area in Blora Regency which has a very beautiful reserve, namely tourism on Mount Manggir. Mount Manggir in Blora is a limestone hill located in Manggir hills, Ngumbul village, Todanan District, Blora Regency. This Mount Manggir Tour offers views of the form of limestone hills covered in trees and there are several natural caves that are in great demand by tourists. Besides the cave, there is also a spring with clear water.

6. Cepu Tourism Shop

Loko Wisata Cepu

Now, the sixth tourist spot in Blora is a very unique tour, namely enjoying the tourist locomotive which is an ancient locomotive from the Dutch era. This locomotive was made by Berliner Maschinnenbaun Germany in 1928. Previously, this locomotive was used as a means of transportation to transport teak forest products in Blora Regency. Currently this workshop is functioned as a tourist workshop managed by Perhutani KPH Cepu. But unfortunately the operational costs to turn on this loco are quite high, so the cost to get around with this loco is also relatively expensive.

7. Taman Sarbini

Sarbini Park

Sarbini Park is often known as water splash, which is a tourist park located in the center of Blora City. Taman Sarbini in Blora is very suitable if used as a family tourist spot, because in this place there are lots of children’s games. Besides that, in Sarbini Park there are also animal statues, a library, children’s toys, tricycles, children’s cars, etc. Taman Sarbini is an alternative tourist attraction for residents of Blora and its surroundings, besides being cheap, it also has quite complete facilities, rather than having to go far to tourist attractions outside the city.

8. Natural Teak Forest Monument

Natural Teak Forest Monument

Besides nature tourism and family tourism, in Blora Regency you can also find a very interesting educational tour, namely the Natural Teak Forest Monument. This Natural Teak Forest Monument was built on top of a teak forest managed by Perhutani KPH Cepu which is often also known as the Gubug Payung natural tourist spot. In this place you can find many teak plants with an age of more than 100 years with a diameter of more than 80 cm.

9. Vegetable Bath

Vegetable Bath

Family tourism in Blora Regency is also a tourist that is in great demand, one of which is the Vegetable Bath. At the location of this vegetable bath, there are 2 swimming pools that can be used for adults and children. Around the tourist area of ​​this vegetable bath, there are green hills that create a soothing cool weather. This vegetable bath is located in Soko Village, Jepon District, Blora Regency and is a tourist spot that is in great demand by tourists at that time. But unfortunately the current condition is poorly maintained so there are few visitors.

10. Temanjang Agrotourism

Temanjang Agrotourism

The extent of the forest in Blora Regency has been developed as an attractive natural tourist spot. One of the tours based on forest development is Temanjang Agrotourism. Temanjang Agrotourism is also known as Dungmandur Agro-tourism, because in this place there are stalls that never run out of water. In this agro tourism spot, there are many teak and fruit trees. Temanjang Agro tourism can be used as an alternative tour, especially for Blora residents when the holiday season arrives.

11. Geological Tourism

Geological Tourism

The term geological tourism is still very foreign to our ears. Geological tourism is actually almost similar to educational tours where the main focus of the discussion is on geology. As we all know that Blora Regency is one of the locations for petroleum mining in Indonesia. Until now, oil drilling in Cepu District, Blora Regency is still ongoing. In addition, there are also many small scale oil drilling carried out by local residents in the interior of the Blora Regency forest. This condition is of course very very interesting for those of you who are studying geology because you can learn a lot from the activities in Blora Regency.

12. Tirtonadi Cultural and Arts Park

Tirtonadi Cultural and Arts Park

We will conclude with the discussion about tourism objects in Blora Regency with the last tour, namely the Tirtonadi Cultural and Art Park. This cultural park is in great demand by Blora residents, especially teenagers and children. The location of the Tirtonadi cultural park itself is in Blora City so that access is very easy. Tirtonadi Cultural and Art Park has been established for a long time, even in the 1960s this park had become a prima donna, because in this place there are many collections of rare animals. At that time the community called it the Tirtonadi Park Zoo.
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Thus was the discussion about 12 Tourist Attractions in Blora Regency which are Famously Beautiful. Hopefully this time Blora tourism information can add to your insight, especially about the world of tourism in Indonesia.