12 Tourist Attractions in Grobogan that are Famous for Unique, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Grobogan Regency is the name of a district that is included in the territory of Central Java Province. Grobogan Regency has its capital in Purwodadi City. The name Purwodadi itself is more famous than Grobogan Regency, so many people think Purwodadi is the name of a Regency, even though it is only the name of a city. Purwodadi is famous for its unique culinary tour, the frog swike. Hmm, don’t try if you don’t like it, because for some people food made from frogs is something that is haram. If you don’t want to enjoy a frog swike, you can order a swike with other ingredients such as chicken, just order it from the seller.

12 famous tourist attractions in Grobogan unique

In the tourism sector, Grobogan Regency has a number of tourist attractions that are very popular among tourists, especially in the Grobogan Regency area itself and its surroundings. In this paper we will discuss 12 famous tourist attractions in Grobogan unique as follows.

1. Kedung Ombo Reservoir

Kedung Ombo Reservoir

Kedung Ombo Reservoir is a reservoir located in Grobogan Regency. Actually, the existence of this reservoir is not only in Grobogan Regency but also includes the districts of Sragen and Boyolali. The area of ​​the Kedung Ombo Reservoir itself is around 6576 hectares, of which the reservoir area can be used to irrigate rice fields in the Regencies of Robogan, Sragen, Boyolali, Pati and Demak. Currently, apart from being used as a means of makeup, Kedung Ombo Reservoir is also used as a potential area for tourism. To get to Kedun Ombo Reservoir, you can find the address in Rambat Village, Geyer District, Grobogan Regency or about 29 km from Purwodadi City to the south. In Kedung Ombo Reservoir you can enjoy beautiful views, and can also enjoy freshwater fish dishes that are sold by a number of food stalls in the reservoir location. In addition, a motorized boat is also provided that can transport visitors around this very beautiful reservoir.
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2. Bledug Kuwu

Bledug Kuwu

Bleduk Kuwu is one of the unique tourist attractions in Grobogan Regency. At this location you can see a mud crater that continues to pop periodically every 2-3 minutes. This explosion when viewed from geology is an activity of releasing gases from the earth’s core. The axle that comes out contains methane. From this eruption also contains salt and a number of minerals. The local community uses this mineral content to make traditional bleng salts. Unique isn’t it? If you are interested in visiting this Bleduk Kuwu tourist spot, you can visit it in Kuwu Village, Kradenan District, Grobogan Regency.

3. The Mrapen Eternal Flame

Mrapen Eternal Flame

Mrapen Eternal Fire is another unique tourist attraction in Grobogan Regency. It is called the eternal fire because in this place there is a fire that burns continuously and never goes out even though it is poured down by rain. The Mrapen eternal fire is basically a natural phenomenon where in that place there is a hole that releases natural gas and then burns in the air. The source of the eternal flame of Mrapen is a historic source of fire because it is often used as a source of fire for several national events, such as the 1963 Ganefo International Games, the National Sports Week or PON, the POR PWI 1983 etc. Apart from sporting events, the Mrapen Fire Source is also used as a fire source in celebrating Vesak Day. The location of the Mrapen Eternal Flame itself is in Manggarmas Village, Odong District, Robogan Regency, Central Java. This location is on the edge of the Purwodadi-Semarang road.

4. Tiger Cave and Lowo Cave

Tiger Cave and Lowo Cave

Other natural attractions in Grobogan Regency are in the form of Goa. We know that in the Grobogan Regency area there are quite large limestone mountains, so there are several caves that form naturally. Some of the caves in Grobogan Regency are Tiger Cave and Lowo Cave. These two caves are located close together. The names of these two caves are named after the animals that used to inhabit this cave. But now there are no tigers in the tiger cave, only in name. The location of Goa Tiger and Goa Lawa itself are in Watu Song Hamlet, Sedayu Village, Sedayu District, Grobogan Regency. In both of these caves you can see beautiful natural scenery in the form of a cave in the middle of lush trees and inside there are many stalactids and stalagmites.

5. Gua Urang

Urang Cave

The cave that is located in Grobogan Regency besides Goa Macan and Goa Lawa is Goa Urang. This cave is called Goa urang because in this place there were many shrimp found (in Javanese it is called urang). This cave is often visited by researchers from outside the region, but not many tourists have come because access to this place is quite difficult because they have to pass through the rice fields of the population. It seems that the Grobogan Regency government has not developed much of this potential tourism object. The location of URang Cave itself is in Guwo Hamlet, Kemadohbatur Village, in the district. Tawangharjo, Grobogan Regency.

6. Widuri Waterfall

Widuri Waterfall

One more hidden tourist spot in Grobogan Regency, namely Widuri Waterfall. Widuri Waterfall is the only waterfall in Grobogan Regency. Widuri Waterfall has not been visited by many tourists because of its somewhat hidden location, but actually this waterfall has a very beautiful and beautiful natural landscape. WIduri Waterfall is believed by the surrounding community as the location for the meeting between Joko Tarub and Dewi Nawangwulan, who is an angel. In this folklore, Dewi Nawangwulan, along with seven other angels, are bathing in this Widuri Waterfall. Joko Tarub then took Dewi Nawangwulan’s scarf so he could not return to heaven and then married her. If you are interested in coming to this Widuri waterfall tour, you can visit it at the address of Batur Village, Tawangharjo District, Grobogan Regency, Central Java.

7. Sendang Coyo

Sendang Coyo

The next tourist spot in Grobogan Regency is Sendang Coyo. Sendang Coyo is one of the proud springs of Grobogan residents. This spring continues to have water even during the dry season. According to local residents’ beliefs, Sendang Coyo is a heritage sendang from the Kalijaga Sunan. This sendang emerged from the former land that was stuck in his stick while he was on his way to spread Islam in the land of Java. Sendang Coyo is believed to be able to make anyone who bathes in it stay young. However the bath must be done on the night of 1 Suro. Of course, this is only the belief of the local population, all in the end come back to your beliefs. For the location of Sendang Coyo, it is located in Mlowokarangtalun Village, Pulokulon District, Grobogan Regency, approximately 20 KM southeast of the city of Purwodadi.

8. Klambu Reservoir

Klambu Reservoir

Besides the KEdung Ombo Reservoir, Grobogan Regency also has another reservoir, namely the Klambu Reservoir. The Klambu Reservoir is not as famous as the Kedung Ombo Reservoir, but its existence is well known by Grobogan residents. This reservoir also functions as a means of irrigation, where the water in it is obtained by damming 2 river flows, namely the Lusi River and the Serang River. Not only to irrigate rice fields in Grobogan, Klambu Reservoir is also used to irrigate rice fields in Kudu and Pati Regencies. Apart from irrigation, the Klambu Reservoir is also visited by many visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Kelambu reservoir, even though these visitors only come from Grobogan residents themselves. The location of the Klambu Reservoir is in Klambu Village, Klambu District, Grobogan Regency.

9. Jatipohon


The next tourist attraction around Purwodadi Groboga is Jatipohon. If you often pass the Pati-Purwodadi route, then you must be very familiar with the Jatipohon area. The Jatipohon area is a mountainous area located in the North of Purwodadi City and directly adjacent to the Sukolilo Pati District. Because it is on the hills, the atmosphere here feels cool and beautiful. There are several tourist attractions in Jatipohon, including the Jatipohon spring, viewing post to see the beauty of Purwodadi City from the top of the hill, Langen Sari Indah where there is a swimming pool, cottage, campsite, lodging, etc.

10. Ayodya Swimming Pool

Ayodya Swimming Pool

Ayodya Swimming Pool is a new family tour located in Purwodadi Grobogan City, some even call it a new tourist icon for Grobogan Regency. This is not surprising because Ayodya Swimming Pool does not only provide a swimming pool but also offers a vehicle for children’s games that are very popular with all family members. The official name of the Ayodya Swimming Pool is actually Ayodya Bloombang Water Park but many call it the Ayodya Swimming Pool. how incomplete, in this Ayodya Swimming Pool there are already 2 large pools with various water games such as twin slides, family slides, splash buckets and a jacuzzi with the main attraction of a slider tower with a height of 7 meters to trigger adrenaline. So if you want an exciting vacation with your family, just come to Ayodya Bloombang Water Park in Purwodadi Grobogan City.

11. Cindelaras


This Cindelaras Tourism Object is located in Bandungharjo Village, Toroh District, Grobogan Regency. The Cindelaras tourist area offers natural beauty in the form of a reservoir surrounded by forests managed by Perum Perhutani. In the past, this place was often used as a tent for students around the city of Purwodadi. However, unfortunately the reservoir in Cindelaras does not always have water. During the dry season the water is often dry.

12. KH Burham Mosque

KH Burham Mosque

KH Burham Mosque is one of the historic mosques, especially for the development of Islam in Grobogan Regency. This mosque is located in Jenglong, Purwodadi. KH Burham Mosque was built by KH Konawi in 1752. KH. Konawi is the father of KH. Burham. KH Konawi died while traveling back from the holy land of Mecca to perform the haj pilgrimage. His body was buried on Saylon Island or in the same direction known as Sri Lanka. KH. Burham then continued his father’s struggle to spread Islam in Grobogan. There is a special feature of this mosque, namely there is a drum which is the largest drum in Grobogan Regency. This drum is made of wood without a connection.

That was a glimpse of the tourist attractions in Grobogan Regency with their various uniqueness. Hopefully this article can add to your insight about tourist attractions, especially those in the city of Purwodadi and its surroundings. (Read: Most Beautiful Tourist Places in Pati and Blora tourist attractions )