10 Tourist Destinations in Solo that are More Hits, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – Apart from Jogja, Surakarta or a city better known as Solo, it has become a separate tourist magnet in Central Java. Starting from natural tourism, artificial tourism, culinary tours, to various educational cultural tours, are available in full in this friendly city of Solo. In this discussion, we will present 10 hits tourist spots in Solo and its surroundings. Why do you use the surrounding word? Because not all of these 20 tourist attractions are in the administrative area of ​​Solo City, but some are from areas around Solo such as Sragen, Sukoharjo etc. However, because of its proximity to the city of Solo, people already consider it part of the city of Solo.

Series of trips travel in Solo it would be a shame to visit just one or two tourist attractions. The following is a list Solo travel destinations that are currently hitting 2018 that you must visit for an exciting and exciting vacation.

1. Balekembang Park

Balekembang Park

Balekembang Park is very exciting to visit with family. This 10 hectare park has a clean and green natural charm. The park, which started functioning in 2008, has a cool and calming atmosphere. This park has two areas, the first is the Partini Water park which can be used to play by boat and the second is the Partinah Forest, a garden filled with various types of rare plants. Apart from that, this Balakembang park also often holds various types of arts, such as Ketoprak Lesung. The park is open daily from 07.00 to 18.00. You can enjoy the charm of Balekembang park for just 12,000 rupiah.

2. Sriwedari Park

Sriwedari Park

Sriwedari Park is the next popular tourist destination in Solo that is interesting to visit in Solo. The park with historical stories stored in it has its own charm to be visited by many tourists. The park is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It is enough with 10,000 to 12,000 rupiahs. You can see puppet shows at the Sriwedari park with the theme of Ramayana and Mahabarata. This park is located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Laweyan sub-district, Sriwedari, Surakarta City.

3. Keraton Surakarta

Surakarta Palace

This is a must visit, Keraton Surakarta is a historical destination in the city of Solo. Visiting this palace, you will see various historical relics of the past.
Enough with Rp. 10.000, – rupiah You can trace the history of the Indonesian people that must be known.

4. Solo Candle Monument

Solo Candle Monument

The existence of the Solo Candle Monument is a symbol of the struggle of Indonesian youth in gaining independence. The existence of this monument is also the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Boedi Oetomo. Behind its unique shape, there is a deep meaning of this Candle Monument. The establishment of this monument is a symbol of devotion and enthusiasm in fighting for the independence of the Indonesian nation. You can find this Candle Monument on Jalan Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo. This place is suitable for those of you who like to take pictures. Apart from getting good photo shots, you also indirectly appreciate the struggles of each of the fighters fighting for the independence of Indonesia.

5. Galabo Solo

Galabo Solo

The popularity of Solo with its culinary tours is not in doubt. At Galobo Solo you will find a variety of culinary specialties from Solo. Galabo Solo is a gathering place for sellers of various Solo culinary specialties. The variety of snacks served is so tempting to taste. You can eat Bakso, Tofu Kupat, Toprak noodles, wedang, and fresh milk at this place. Galabo is open every day from 17.00 to 24.00. You can find Galabo Solo on Jalan Mayor Sunaryo.

6. Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu Waterfall

Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu Waterfall

Grojongan Sewu Tawangmangu is one of the most popular natural tourist destinations in Solo. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall is included in the administrative area of ​​Karanganyar regency. The distance is about 37 kilometers from downtown Solo. Arriving at the waterfall area, you will pass several steps to reach it. The journey is quite tiring, but the calm feeling of fatigue will be paid off in full with the natural feel of the cool scenery. A clear waterfall that seems never tired to flow will wash your sweat, you will find the excitement of playing water and taking pictures there

To enter the tourist area of ​​Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu Waterfall, you are charged a rate of IDR 18,000. However, for foreign tourism the ticket price is different, the fare can reach 160,000 rupiahs per person.

7. Jumog Waterfall

Jumog Waterfall

Even though it is located in the middle of the island, it turns out that Solo has a charming waterfall that is a pity to miss. About 40 kilometers from the city of Solo, you can find the charm of this charming waterfall. The location of the Jumog tourist spot is close to the Grojogan Sewu tourist location. This nature tour is suitable for those of you who want to calm down. The air is refreshing and you can get a beautiful natural panorama for only 5,000 rupiahs. Cheap enough not to pay for the beauty of this amazing natural charm.

8. Pandawa Water World Solo Baru

Pandawa Water World Solo Baru

The water tourism that is served by Pandawa Water World Solo Baru is guaranteed to spoil your vacation. Various kinds of rides are available in this place. You can visit this place that is always crowded with visitors every day with an entrance ticket of IDR 50,000 for weekdays and IDR 100,000 for weekends. The location of Pandawa Waterworld is in the Sukoharjo area, Central Java which is also close to the city of Solo.

9. Kauman Batik Village

Kauman Batik Village

Next is one of the cultural destinations in Solo, namely the Kauman Batik Village. For you batik lovers, this place is a must visit. Visiting this place is not only to see a variety of good batik collections, but also you can see how the batik is made. The distinctive feature of Kauman Batik is that it has modern motifs with dark colors. Kauman batik products are not only enjoyed by local tourism, but many foreign tourists also subscribe to buy Kauman batik. Make no mistake, the price of batik in Kauman Batik Village can reach millions of rupiah, a fantastic price and comparable to the batik-making process.

10. Sangiran Early Man Museum

Sangiran Early Man Museum

This museum is very popular in Solo. Sangiran Early Man Museum is one of the historical tours in Sangiran, Sragen, Central Java. This museum is suitable for children’s holidays with family. In this museum, you will see various ancient human fossils that have been up to hundreds of thousands of years. What a rare sight. About 13,000 collections of ancient human fossils are in this museum. No wonder this museum is categorized as the most comprehensive ancient human museum in Asia. Not only ancient human fossils that you can find in this place, you can also find various other fossils such as animal, plant, rock and tools used by early humans in this tourist spot.

That’s 10 tourist destinations in Solo that are more hits, Immediately determine which Solo tour you will stop at first