10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam The Netherlands, the Most Beautiful Tourist Places – Amsterdam, is definitely familiar to all of you, because so many great and influential people were born on this one continent. Amsterdam also has many of the world’s leading universities. Not only does it give birth to great people and has the world’s leading universities, Amsterdam also does not want to lose in the field of tourism, this city also has many beautiful and historic tourist attractions.
There are lots of tourist attractions that can be visited in Amsterdam Netherlands. This tourist spot is very good to be used as a place to take pictures and also instagrammable.
What are the tourist attractions in Amsterdam? Here is a review about 10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

1. Statue of the inscription “I Amsterdam”

Sculpture of Writing " I Amsterdam "

Writing I Amsterdam can be said to be almost the same as writing Hollywood in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. Initially this article was written only as a slogan, over time this article was legitimately made the icon of the city of Amsterdam, because every year many tourists visit this place I Amsterdam.

The words “I Amsterdam” can also be called “I Amsterdam Letters”.
Due to the existence of this article, tourists visiting Amsterdam, the Netherlands are increasing from year to year.

2. Museum Square

Museum Square

Are you a hobbyist traveling? If the answer is “Yes”, do you have a hobby of traveling to places that contain history?
Museum Square is one of the relics of ancestors or ancient people in the Netherlands. This famous tourist spot in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Museum Square, holds various objects reminiscent of ancient times that the Netherlands was one of the most successful countries in that era and had a lot of objects from other countries that they had once colonized.

Not only Museum Square that stands majestically here, there are various other buildings that stand firmly, including:
• Rijk Museum
• Van Gogh Museum
• Stedelijk Museum
• Diamond Museum (Diamond Museum)
• Royal Concertgebouw or Royal Connert Hall
• United States Consulate Office

3. Rijks Museum

Rijks Museum

Adjacent to Museum Square, the Rijks Museum is one of the National Museums of the Netherlands. The Rijks Museum is dedicated to storing Dutch historical items, especially items in the arts.
This museum holds various kinds of art objects, reaching one million objects of art. However, of the one million art objects in the Rijks Museum, only 8,000 are currently on display.

Most tourists visiting Amsterdam prefer to visit the Rijks Museum first, because the Rijks Museum has a large collection of art. However, it is not only the art collection, but the Rijks Museum also has a beautiful building architecture that deserves to be immortalized.
Famous Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam The Netherlands Rijks Museum also provides facilities such as a souvenir shop and cafe, as well as many other facilities that will make visitors want to linger at the Rijks Museum.

4. Dam Square

Dam Square

Dam Square or commonly called De Dam, this square is one of the most and most crowded tourist objects attacked by local Amsterdam residents themselves and also by tourists.
It has been a tradition for a long time, that this square is used as a hangout and hangout spot by Dutch locals and tourists alike. In this Alu square there are also frequent events, performances by Dutch artists and street performances.
The Dam Square is increasingly enlivened by local residents and tourists alike, because this square is surrounded by many other famous tourist attractions, such as:
• Royal Palace Of Amsterdam
• Niuewe Kerk
• Madame Tussauds Museum
What makes this place look lively is that there are lots of doves, a habit of local residents and tourists alike, namely feeding the doves with bread and nuts.

5. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Who is the real child named Anne Frank? Why was its existence so influential in the Netherlands, that Anne Frank’s residence was turned into a museum by the Dutch government?
Anne Frank is a teenage girl who was born in 1929, she has German-Jewish blood. Anne Frank and her family deliberately hid from the cruelty of Adolf Hilter who wanted to destroy ethnic Jews during the World War II period.

Anne Frank and her family (Father, Mother and 4 other siblings) managed to hide from the cruelty of Adolf Hilter for 23 years, but unfortunately the hideout of Anne Frank and her family was found by Adolf Hilter in 1945. After Adolf Hilter found Anne Frank and the rest her family, Anne Frank and her family were sent to a concentration camp to be executed.

The place where Anne Frank and her family used to hide was one of the office buildings where her father worked which was on the edge of the canal. This building was deliberately converted into a museum and named the Anne Frank Museum, because Anne Frank was a teenage girl who was influential for both Dutch and Jewish citizens.

After being converted into a museum, this building is increasingly in demand by local residents and tourists alike. Every day the building is always crowded with local visitors.

6. De Gooyer Windmill

De Gooyer Windmill

You all must have known that the Netherlands is one country that has a famous building, namely windmills. The windmill in the Netherlands is a large building, but not too tall, the dominant color of this building is brown and has four sides of a large propeller.

Windmills are one of the buildings used for electricity generation, because the Netherlands is a country that has a fairly large wind climate. But over time, windmills began to run out. So the number of windmills in the Netherlands is currently only eight.

Of the 8 windmills, only 1 windmill is the center of tourists’ attention, this De Gooyer Windmill windmill has taken the center of attention of tourists, because the Popular Tourist Spot in Amsterdam The Netherlands De Gooyer Windmill is the windmill that is most easily reached by local visitors and visitors. traveler.

7. De Waag or The Weigh House

De Waag or The Weigh House

This tourist spot is also a tourist spot that is visited by many tourists, De Waag or The Weigh House is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Built in the 15th century, in 1488 to be precise.
This building is one of the buildings that became the center of the city gate, part of the solid wall surrounding the Amsterdam area in medieval times. This building once lost its function in the 16th century, when Amsterdam expanded beyond the city walls.
De Waag is currently occupied by a man named Waag Siciety as the owner of De Waag, not only on the outside, De Waag looks beautiful, inside you can see the magnificent architecture and also equipped with a cafe. So that visitors are spoiled for an elegant cafe atmosphere and can taste the culinary delights at the De Waag cafe.

8. Leidse Square

Leidse Square

If you are looking for a romantic and serene atmosphere in Europe, you should not miss this place. Leidse Square is the center of nightlife and nightlife in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

At night this area becomes a hangout center for young people and also local residents of Amsterdam, in Leidse Square there are many bars, pubs and cafes. Not only standing bars, pubs and cafes, in the famous tourist attraction in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Leidse Square, there are also many street artists and performers who showcase their respective skills.

9. Vondelpark


Almost every city in the world has the lungs of its own city. New York has Central Park, then Amsterdam has Vodelpark. Vondelpark is one of the largest forest areas in Amsterdam, covering an area of ​​47 hectares.

Vodelpark first opened in 1865 and is located in the city of Amsterdam, Vondelpark is a favorite area for both Amsterdam locals and tourists. Lots of activities that local residents do in this Vodelpark, for example cycling, playing, relaxing or just taking a leisurely walk.

10. Bloemenmarkt amsterdam or Floating Flower Market

Floating Flower Market

Bloemenmarket or Floating Flower Market is the center of the largest flower market in Amsterdam. Bloemenmarket is claimed to be the only floating flower market in the world, and has been listed as a UNESCO heritage.

If you visit Bloemenmarket, you can find various kinds of flowers such as the typical Dutch flower, the tulip. If you are afraid that the flowers you buy will wither within a few days, don’t worry because Bloemenmarket also sells the flower seeds you want and can be a typical souvenir from the Netherlands to plant at home.
How do you think it’s fun right?

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